Before Assignment:

"Find statistics to support the argument that teen pregnancy is becoming more problematic in this country."

As it is currently designed, students have no direction as to the type of sources to use.  The hypothesis is designed in a way that students are forced to support the hypothesis rather than determine if the statement is true or not (it isn't).  The result is an assignment that frustrates the student. Students are only searching for the correct "answer" rather than using their brains to think critically about the issue of teen pregnancy.

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After Assignment:

"Use Statistical Abstracts for figures & use Academic Search Elite find a magazine article to determine if teen pregnancy is more or less prevalent than a decade ago."

This new assignment takes the basic task of finding statistics about teen pregnancy and incorporates information literate outcomes.  Students don't have to spend time figuring out which sources to use to find the answer, instead they can focus on finding the data and additional information and spend most of the assignment thinking and applying the information they have found.

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