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Best Practices for Creating Effective Library Assignments

Incorporate these ideas into your current assignments!
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Designing Effective Assignments

Assignment Structure

Develop outcomes

Integrate library research with course curriculum

Try to incorporate a variety of information types and formats

Specify the level of research expected

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Discuss Plagiarism & Citing Sources

For more on plagiarism or citing sources see:

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Pitfalls to avoid when designing an assignment

Avoid scavenger hunts for facts

Avoid Assignments That:

Not all libraries are created equal!!

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Assessment of Assignments

Changing an old assignment to an information literate assignment
Click below to see the modification of an old library assignment. 


Three stages of designing and assessing an information literate assignment

Stages Definition Examples
Assignment what the student is given

"Use Statistical Abstracts for figures & use Academic Search Elite to find a magazine article to determine if teen pregnancy is more or less prevalent than a decade ago."

Learning Activity process of the assignment; what the student does Students become familiar with resources you want them to learn to use
Assessment Student outcomes from learning activity/finished assignment Students discover a pattern and provide analysis using critical thinking skills


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