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Pira 200 Mechanics

Demonstration Name
Pira Code
Picture of Demo
Movie Demonstration
Location of Demo
Archimedes Principle old catalog NEW! 2B40.20 ... Disc 12-12 photo movie ... movie 2  
HSCI, room 278
ID60.10 ... Disc 2-3
photo NEW!
HSCI, room 234, I.B-B5
Cart and Ball        
photo NEW!
photo ... pdf
C-8 Telescope        
photo NEW!
Center of Mass  ... explanation 1J10.10 photo ... photo .. photo movie HSCI, room 234, 1.B-A2
Cartesian Diver 2B40.30 photo cartesian diver movie  
Collision Balls   photo .. pdf    
Conservation of Linear Momentum NEW!   photo movie NEW!  
Coupled Pendulum   photo    
Current Balance        
Discharge Capacitor (RC) set up NEW!   photo .. NEW! RC movie .. NEW!  
Electric Generator        
Electromagnetic Induction        
Electromanetic Flashlight        
Electro Static        
Electromagnetic Waves        
Inertia Apparatus        
Faradays Law        
Faraday Paddle        
Fine Beam Demonstration        
Force on a Conductor in a Magnetic Field Apparatus        
Foucault Pendulum 1E20.10      
Gyroscope's   photo .. photo .. photo . pdf    
Independence of X-4 Motion Car   photo    
Jacobs Ladder   photo    
Jumping Rings Coil   photo .. photo    
Leaning Tower   photo1 .. photo2 .. pdf    
Lenz's Law   photo1 .. photo2 .. pdf    
Light Bulbs in Series and Parallel        
Loop The Loop 1M40.20      
Magdeburg Hemisphere        
Magnetic Induction (Faraday's Law)        
Monkey and Hunter 1D60.30 ... Disc 02-02      
Newtons Laws of motion NEW!   Newton's Laws of Motion Newton's 3 Laws video  
Newton's Rings        
Oersteds Law Science Source Demonstration PDF        
Oersteds Law with Switch        
Optics Box        
Pascal Vases        
Penny and Feather NEW! 1C20.10 ... Disc 01-04      
Phases of Co2        
Polarization of Electromagnetic Waves        
Physics yo-yo        
Radiation Demonstration        
Reflecting Telescope (Large) and Refracting telescope (Small)        
Resistance of a light bulb 5D20.31 picture .... graft movie  
Ripple Tank (old green one)        
Ripple Tank . (new mini one)        
Rotating Platform        
Simultaneous Fall        
Sine-Wave Mechanical Box        
Slinky 1G20.45 photo .. pdf .. pdf    
Sky Map        
Sun, Moon, Earth Model        
Tesla Coil NEW!   photo .. photo    
Vacuum Jar        
Van De Graff Generator and Static Electricity stuff        
Vernier Caliper        
Vertical Oscillating Pendulum        
Wave Motion Demonstration