The Stankowich Lab
Evolutionary Behavioral Ecology
Welcome to the Stankowich Lab at CSU Long Beach!

We study the evolution and ecology of predator-prey interactions including antipredator behavior and defensive weaponry using field and lab experiments, comparative phylogenetic analyses, meta-analyses, and museum studies. Interested in joining the lab? Click here.


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The Stankowich Lab is doing some research on interactions between domestic dogs and skunks. If you have a dog, any dog, we'd love if you would take our survey about their experiences or lack thereof. Please share this with others you might know with dogs. The dogs don't need to have had any experience with skunks to take the survey. Thanks very much for your help! Survey Link:

Latest News

--Janu 2017 - New publication: "The correlated evolution of antipredator defences and brain size in mammals." in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

--July 2016 - Dr. Stankowich appeared on LA's ABC News 7 in remote video and live in-studio pieces. Watch below!

--June 2016 - New publication: "Living in the danger zone: Exposure to predators and the evolution of spines and body armor in mammals" in Evolution.

--May 2016 - Congrats to graduates Jennifer Martin, Renee Stewart, Ashly Romero, Holly Schiefelbein, and Caitlin Fay! Our skunk field crew has assembled and we look forward to a productive summer - be sure to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter!

--Feb 2016 - A belated welcome to new lab members Renee Stewart, Kim Fisher, Chika Okeke, Michael Roberts, Nicole Lopez, and Marissa Andaloro! We have several new papers that have come out in the last few months - check them out on the Publications page. Finally, we are now on Twitter! Follow us at @CSULBMammalLab!

--May 2015 - Congratulations to graduating lab undergraduate Elan Carnahan for winning the Outstanding Graduate Award for the entire College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at CSULB! Further kudos go to all of the graduating lab members in 2015: Elan Carnahan, Doreen Cabrera, Vicky Luce, Rabah Rabah, and Melody Lilazy!

--February 2015 - Welcome to new undergraduate lab members Earnest Chae, Melody Lilazy, Jennifer Martin, and Colin Stensrud! Check out their profiles on the People page!

--September 2014 - Congratulations to new graduates Julie McNamara (M.S. GIS '14) and Nick Fedorko (B.S. Biology '14)!!! Also, the lab welcomes four new members this Fall: new M.S. students Hannah Walker and Rita Collins and new undergrad researchers Rosanna Calderon and Ashly Romero!

--June 2014 - Congratulations to current M.S. student Holly Shiefelbein for being awarded a Long Beach City College Faculty Internship, to undergraduate lab members Doreen Cabrera and Rosanna Calderon for being accepted into the the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Research Fellows Program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the California State University, and to Doreen Cabrera again for being accepted into the REU summer program at the University of Wisconsin Madison! Great job everyone!

--April 2014 - New publication: "The Function of Zebra Stripes" in Nature Communications. It has been covered by NBC News, Science, BBC News, CBS News, National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, Slate, Science Daily, The Guardian, and Discovery Channel.


--Feb 2014 - New publication: "Ecological drivers of antipredator defenses in carnivores" in Evolution. It has been covered by Science, Nature, National Geographic, Science Daily, Discover Magazine, and several other media outlets! CSULB highlights our findings in this video and Caitlin Kight discussed it on her radio show as well (discussion begins around 34:50)! Official CSULB Press Release

--Jan 2014 - New book chapter published on Predation and Antipredator Behavior in the new 3-volume Animal Behavior series from Praeger Publishing. See a teaser page here!