The CSULB Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) was created in August of 1995 to provide its members with a unique and valuable experience in managing an investment portfolio consisting of actual monetary assets, rather than the "paper" transactions traditionally used in investment courses.

What is SMIF?

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SMIF is an honors level class, open to students of Finance by invitation of the College of Business Administration, Department of Finance at CSULB. The program was instituted to expose its members to a degree of "real world" experience by providing hands-on training in securities analysis and portfolio management, and exposing its members to career-enhancing opportunities within the investments industry.

The student managed investment fund portfolio is managed by a combination of senior-level undergraduate students concentrating in investments and second year MBA students specializing in finance. Students enrolled in this “honors level” course have taken a number of required prerequisite courses, and are subject to approval by the SMIF advisors.