The Peter Carr Peace Center (PCPC) originated as a loose network of faculty, students, staff, and community members who shared Peter's values of peace, social justice, and environmental sanity. It came together in 1981 to honor the memory of Peter Carr (1925-1981), poet, artist, scholar, and activist.

Peter was the co-founder and first Chair of the CSULB Comparative Literature Department. He was also active in establishing the Alliance for Survival in Southern California. Its goals: 1) Ban nuclear power, 2) Zero nuclear weapons, 3) Stop the arms race, 4) Fund human needs.

Members of the PCPC have played key roles in raising peace, justice, and environmental issues at CSULB. Its activities have included: establishing the Peace Studies Program, resisting ROTC and the militarization of campus, organizing the campus opposition to the first Gulf War, and opposing the commercial development of Puvungna.

Its Mission Statement is Peter's poetic essay, "In the Summer We Went to the Mountains."