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Grad Check: AKA "Request to Graduate"

You should file your grad check with the Enrollment Services Office one year prior to graduation or at least the semester prior to the semester you plan to graduate, using the Request to Graduate (Master's) formFiling periods/deadlines are dependent upon the semester you plan to graduate:

        May (Spring) or August (Summer):
                file between the previous
                May 1st and October 15th

        December (Fall) and January (Winter):
                file between the previous
                December 1st and March 1st

Those who file by the appropriate deadline listed above will appear in the Commencement Program published each Spring.  If you file after the deadline, please contact the Graduate Advisor during early March to have your name added to the program (this may no longer be possible).  (You should contact the Advisor anyway, to have the listing of your name and thesis title checked.)  Please note: you must have filed your Advancement to Candidacy paperwork prior to filing for graduation.

Also, if you missed the deadlines above, you may still file for graduation late - obtain the Request to Apply for Graduation After the Published Deadline form.

Please be sure to take a look at the information listed on the Enrollment Services web site:

If your original graduate date has passed, and you have not completed all requirements to graduate (including thesis), you will need to file the Request to Change Graduation Date form to move your grad date in order to maintain continuous enrollment.

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Updated 10/9/07