Resources Located in the Peer Advising Office - Room PSY 206

Psychology Peer Advising Office Resources

    The Psychology Department's Academic Peer Advising office has a wealth of materials available to both undergraduate and graduate psychology major and pre-major students.  A popular area is our Graduate Resource Room, which contains books and binders on the graduate school application process, various careers and specialities in psychology and related fields, as well as information on various psychology graduate programs throughout the country.

    Below is a list of resources available in the Peer Advising Office.  Contact information and advising hours are available via the Peer Advising Main Page.

APA, APS Applications and Information
Careers in Psychology
    Job information for BA students
    MA and Ph.D. level careers - such as clinical, health, sport, industrial/organizational, school psychology
Financial Aid and Scholarship Information
Graduate School Information
    The application process
        Letters of recommendation
        Statement of purpose
    Details about graduate schools in psychology, counseling, social work, education, and criminal justice
        (directories, posters, catalogs and brochures)
Graduate Instructions
Honor Societies for Psychology Majors
Information on Minors and Certificate Programs
Instructions for Using E-mail, the Internet, PsycInfo
Major and Minor Requirements
News of Psychology-related Campus Activities
Research Opportunities
Syllabi for Psychology Courses and Some Ethnic Studies Classes
Videos on Careers, Grad school, Faculty interests
Volunteer, Fieldwork and Internship Information
   . . . . . . and much more


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