HDEV 300I: Death and Dying in South Africa

Instructor: Dr. Pamela Roberts

Teaching Assistant: Gabriela Lopez
Travel Agent: Luke Angel
Tour Guides: Arlene Hermanus, Lutendo Lishivha, Ibrahim Rhode, Nellie & Bongani


Students: Tara Beasley, Angela Campos, Sara Frandsen, Kellie Gater, Monica Gonzales, Jody Graham, Felicia Jackson, Geneva Marshall, Sarah Mathew, Eric Matsuno, Courtney Odom, Tammy Rosecrans, Caitlin Stafford, Nicolette Ulrich, Kate Van Dyke, Danielle Wortham & Alison Zimmer



From June 2nd to June 24th 2008, 17 students from the California State University, Long Beach had the amazing opportunity to travel to South Africa, embarking upon a journey that explored the social, cultural and individual aspects of the death experience. Under the instruction of Dr. Pamela Roberts, the study abroad course examined different aspects of death and dying through historical, cultural, biological, legal, religious and ethical perspectives. The course was taught in various locations in South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Soweto, and Dennilton. Students were immersed into township culture from working in programs for orphans and vulnerable children, interacting with hospice and community health workers and visiting historic sites that provided a context for death and dying today in South Africa. Through pictures, activity descriptions, and student reflections, this website provides a documentary of what students experienced throughout the trip.