Peyton Drouhard

Picture of myself

I'm a graduate student in the Human Facators M.S. program at California State University Long Beach(CSULB). I grew up working for one of the best farmers in the Wheat Capital of the World (Sumner County, Kansas) and earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology while studying at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS.

How I Became Interested

While working under Joe Slechta (the previously mentioned farmer), I was repeatedly impressed by his ability to improve the machines he owned. It seemed nothing came off a production line without needing an addition or something removed. Similarly, a regular theme during my tenure as a farm hand was tackling needlessly difficult maintenance jobs. I was regularly disappointed by the lack of appreciation manufacturers seemed to have for the consumer and impressed by my employer's ability to to improve the products. This was my introduction to Human Factors.


As a relatively new Human Factors specialist, User Interface Design and User Experience have grasped my attention. Originally automobile interface design was my main interest, but I've recently developed a taste for software and webware design as well.

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