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Brent C. Dickerson

Narciso Botello's Annals of Southern California 1833-1847 is the world premiere complete publication of an important reminiscence dictated in 1878 for the use of H.H. Bancroft as source material for his epic History of California. This dictation, originally in Spanish, has remained unpublished until now, when, translated into English and supplemented by very copious notes and commentary, its spirited and insightful narrative, centering on Los Angeles, brings Old California to vibrant life as the reader experiences the surprising events of the turbulent final years of the Mexican regime.

The Old Rose Informant

The Old Rose Informant includes the complete basic works on roses of the old rose master Jean-Pierre Vibert (1777-1866) translated en masse into English for the first time, covering such topics as the history of roses, the culture of roses, their nomenclature, grafting, and unsavory practices of rose sellers and taxonomists. Articles by other figures in the old rose world are included as well; the second portion of the book is comprised of completely original articles by Brent C. Dickerson covering new ground in old rose history. This book focuses on the diversity of people, practices, and opinions over the vast arc of rose history.

The Old Rose Advisor, second edition, Volume 1 The Old Rose Advisor, second edition, volume 2

• The two volumes of The Old Rose Advisor investigate the many varieties of old roses in the groups Damask Perpetual, China, Tea, Bourbon, Hybrid China, Hybrid Bourbon, Hybrid Noisette, Hybrid Perpetual (the preceding groups are in volume one), and (in volume two) Noisettes and Climbers, old Polyanthas, and old Hybrid Teas. The introductions to these groups, and the descriptions of the varieties, are comprised of quotes, often from the original breeders and introducers. The second volume ends with ten appendices grouping the varieties in various ways and giving additional information. These volumes are the most complete survey ever of these varieties, particularly in this new updated and enlarged second edition.

The Old Rose Adventurer

The Old Rose Adventurer discusses the classic old European roses (Gallica, Damask, Agathe, Centifolia, Moss, Centifolia Pompons, Albas, Hemisphæricas, Pimpinellifolias, etc.), old shrub roses and climbers (such as Rugosas, Bracteatas, Boursaults, Sempervirenses, Wichuraianas, Multifloras, Hybrid Musks, etc.), as well as old Hybrid Teas and a unique chapter on the exciting Pernetiana race. Plates from the old rose era accurately depict many of these roses, and, as with The Old Rose Advisor, this is the most complete survey ever of the groups covered in this book, and the introductions and variety descriptions are again comprised of quotes from breeders, introducers, and the old rose experts who lived in the old rose era. Again, as with the Advisor, the Adventurer ends with ten fascinating appendices. The original edition is now out of print as its successor editions are prepared—but can occasionally be found for sale by on-line used-book sellers (click here for a used-book search engine).

The Old Rose Index

• Mr. Dickerson's recent book, The Old Rose Index, is a comprehensive index to roses, people, places, and concepts included in his books The Old Rose Informant, The Old Rose Advisor, and The Old Rose Adventurer. It includes as well appendices updating information in these earlier books, in addition to new entries on a number of roses not included elsewhere, including the newly-discovered first Pernetiana 'Pedro-Costæ', plus other essays and translations. This book is the key to the other books, making research easy and efficient.

Roll-Call: The Old Rose Breeder

Roll-Call: The Old Rose Breeder is the first-ever complete listing of old rose breeders and introducers with their roses listed chronologically and by class. Understanding the yearly offerings of breeders and introducers gives insights into their changing goals and enthusiasms. Thumbnail information on the locations etc. of the breeders/introducers is included as well. The first edition of this book is now out of print.

First edition of The Old Rose Advisor

• The first edition of The Old Rose Advisor is now out of print; but collectors may wish to seek it out from used book dealers, as it includes nearly 300 plates of old roses which were not included in the two volumes of the second (updated) edition.

Old Roses: The Master List.

Old Roses: The Master List is a complete listing of over 23,355 old roses "dictionary style," including thumbnail data such as breeder, date, parentage, classification, and color. Twenty years of continuous research has yielded a work which, in its accuracy and breadth, its new information and efficient presentation, and its mature understanding of the world of Old Roses, will be the rosarian's and researcher's constant companion. It is now in its second edition.

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