Mark McLaughlin
Welcome to my home page!
That's a picture of me enjoying a hike near Mammoth Mountain
My Favorite Links:
Mammoth Mountain
Spark Machine
Low Cost Arbitrary Function Generator schematics
Kinetic Studies of Air Column Acoustics m-files
My CSULB Master's Thesis, "A Device for Stroboscopic Studies of the Lip Reed"
Only a strobe light flashing at a constant rate.
Now with our device. Notice how our device tracks a changing playing frequency.
CSULB LaTex Thesis Format
Free Graph Paper, rulers, and Other Stuff
1.5 Volt Battery Replacement
Geiger Counter
MESA Summer 2009
MESA Summer 2010
Single and Double Slits
Power Supplies Using the LT3082
Dept Copy Machine
1974 CSULB Lecture Demonstration Catalog
My Info:
Name: Mark McLaughlin