Tracy Bradley Maples, Ph.D.


Master of Science in Computer Science
Option in Computer Science (CS)
Option in Computer Engineering (CpE)

Graduate Advising for the CECS Department will resume 
on January 15, 2014. 

Graduate Advising will be held only during scheduled hours.
Scheduling an advising appointment ahead of time is strongly recommended.
If you arrive as a “Walk-In”, please be aware of the following:
*     Students who have a scheduled appointment will be seen first.
*     I will accommodate walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis as time allows. 
*     Advising hours will end at the stated time. If you are planning to walk-in for advising, please arrive at the beginning of the advising session to increase your chance of being seen.

To schedule an appointment for Graduate Advising,
please use the following link:

Schedule an Appointment

The objective of this Graduate Advising website is to provide you with a single place to look for information about the MS in Computer Science degree. Some of the information here is still being added, but all completed information should be up-to-date.  Please notify me if you find something that is incorrect or out-dated. 
Your feedback is always welcome.   --tbm

MSCS/Computer Science Program Plan 
MSCS/Computer Engineering Program Plan 
Comprehensive Exam Information -- Spring 2014

General Resources and Information about the Program
MSCS Option in Computer Science Program Plan (PDF)   
MSCS Option in Computer Engineering Program Plan (PDF) 
Catalog Description of the Program
Course Catalog showing CECS Courses
CECS Website
Admission Information
The WPE/Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

New Graduate Students 
“Conditional with Deficiencies” vs. “Conditional Classified”
CS Prerequisite Worksheet 
CpE Prerequisite Worksheet

Class Enrollment Issues
“Help! I can’t get the classes I need”
Prerequisite problems 
CECS 697 and 698
CECS 600 Level Courses (other than 697 and 698)

Advancement to Candidacy 
Catalog Description
CECS Website Advancement information and forms
What you should bring to your advising appointment

Comprehensive Exams vs. Thesis  
Which option is right for you?
When do you need to make your choice? 
Rumors of a “Project Option”

The Comprehensive Exam Option
CECS Policy for Comprehensive Exams
Spring 2014 Comprehensive Exam Dates 
Signing up for the Comp Exams
Comprehensive Exam Study Guides 
What to bring (and not bring) on the day of the Comp Exams?
When can you expect your results?
What do you do if you do not pass a section of the exam?

The Thesis Option 
Is a Thesis for you?
The Beginnings of a Thesis
The Thesis Timeline
CSULB Library Thesis Office

International Students
Center for International Education (CIE)
CIE Advisors
CIE Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Packet
CIE Optional Practical Training (OPT) Packet and Application