Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Utopian, and Dystopian
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Year Author Title Institution Country [& State if US] Degree [B, M, D] Dept. DAI & MAI


1993 Edeburn, Andrew G. Stylistic Analysis of Robert Anson Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, A So Dak SU US-SD M

1975 Edelheit, Steven J. Dark Prophecies: Essays on Orwell and Technology Brandeis U US-MA D
DAI 36: 308
1986 Edmunds, Catherine J. Pushkin and Gogol' as Sources for the Librettos of the Fantastic Fairy Tale Operas of Rimskij-Korsakov Harvard U US-MA D
DAI 46: 2314a
1979 Edmunds, Lindsay Ellen Emily Dickinso's Wonderland: The Uses of Fantasy in Her Poetry Penn SU US-PA Ph.D

1960 Edrich, Emmanuel Literary Technique and Social Temper in the Fiction of George Orwell U Wisc US-WI D
DA 21:  620
1981 Edwards, Bruce Lee Rhetoric of Reading, A: A Study of C. S. Lewis's Approach to the Written Text U Tx, Austin US-TX Ph.D

1998 Edwards, Christopher Gordon Two Forms of the Via Creativa: A Neo-Reichian Study of Updike and Le Guin Boston U US-MA Ph.D

1984 Edwards, Emily D[ian] Relationship Between Sensation-Seeking and Horror Movie Inte… U Tenn, Knoxville US-TN Ph.D

1979 Egbert, Nelson Norris Problem of Form and Content in Six Utopian Responses to Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward SUNY Albany US-NY D
DAI 40: 3298a
1986 Ege, Sema Comparative Study of the Works of Edward Bellamy and H. G. Wells… U Strathclyde UK Ph.D

1971 Eger, Barbara F. Supernatural and Apparently Supernatural Elements in the Works of Arthur Scnitzler Indiana U US-IN BMD
DAI 32: 2682a
1913 Ehrke, Konrad Geistermotiv in den schottisch-englischen Volksballanden: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Volksdichtung Koniglichen Universitat Marburg; pub'd: Marburg: Noske, 1914 Germany D

1973 Ehrlich, Carol Evolutionism and the Female in Selected American Novels, 1885-1900 U Iowa US-IA Ph.D American Civilization


1999 Eilers, Michelle L. Hard Fantasy: Speculations on a Genre Hofstra U US-NY M

1995 Eisenhauer, Karen A. Reflections from the Future, Echoes from the Past: Feminist Science Fiction CSUDH US-CA M
MAI 34:1761
1996 Eisenhour, Susan J. Subversive in Hyperspace, A: C. J. Cherryh's Feminist Transformation of Space Opera Eastern Illinois U US-IL M

1983 Eister, Garry Martin Frankenstein: A Lecture/Demonstration for the Musical Theater UCSB US-CA Ph.D

1947 Ekstrom, William F. Social Idealism of William Morris and William Dean Howells, The: A Study of Four Utopian Novels U Illinois US-IL D

1997 El Ghannami, Rachida Contes fantastique aabes (recueillis dans la region d'Oujda) Universite de Paris V, Rene Descartes France D

1975 Eldridge, Shaila Van Sickle Life by Value in the Novels of E. M. Forster, The U Denver US-CO D
DAI 36: 2842a
1991 Elfstrom, Ellen Irene Debate, Social Criticism and Rhetoric in The Left Hand of Darkness: An Analysis of Strategy CSUSB US-CA MA

1967 Elgin, Don D. Romantic Imagination: A Study of Romantic Thought in the Critical Writing of J. R. R. Tolkien Tx Tech U US-TX M

1990 Ellis, Mark Philosophical Romance: Theories of Time and Their Relationship to Genre in the Fiction of John Crowley U Manitoba CA-MB MA English MAI 31:566
1979 Ellis, Reed Journey into Darkness, A: The Art of James Whales's Horror Films U Fla US-FL Ph.D

1987 Elsholz, Carol F. Content Analysis of Reading Incidents in Selected Award-Winning Children's Books E Tx St U US-TX Ed.D
DAI 48: 616a
1983 Elster, Patrice Content Analysis of Sexuality in the Media: The Horror Film Genre 1973 to Present UCLA US-CA Ph.D Education
1990 Emery, Michael James U. S. Horror: Gothicism in the Work of William Faulkner, Thomas Pynchon, and Stanley Kubrick SUNY Binghamton US-NY D
DAI 50: 3227a
1990 Ennis, Mary Louise Voyage to Cythera, The: From Courtly Allegory to Erotic Utopia in French Literature, 170-1750 Yale U US-CT D
DAI 51: 2035a
1956 Enroth, Clyde Adolph Movement Toward Mysticism in the Novels of Aldous Huxley, The U Minn US-MN D
DA 16:  1905
1971 Epstein, Lynne [later, Lynne E. Heller] Ann Radcliffe's Gothic Landscape of Fiction and the Various Infl… NYU US-NY BMD Arno rpt
2001 Erbes, Annette S. Effective Teaching Strategies to Promote Reading Among Homeless Children [Harry Potter] Pacific Lutheran U US-WA MA Education
2001 Ericson, Gwen R. Contemporary Cognition: Computers, consciousness, and Self-Definition in Cognitive Science and Late 20th Century Fiction St. Louis U US-MO Ph.D
DAI 62: 1828a
1980 Ernes, Albert Francois Content Assessment of Science Fiction from 1947-1979, A;  with Implications for the Elementary Social Studies Curriculum U Akron US-OH Ph.D
DAI 41: 933a
1981 Erwin, Barbara Jean Burns Tolkien's The Hobbit and Le Guin's The Earthsea Trilogy: The Heroism of Growing Up U Tx, Dallas US-TX MS


1999 Esch, Kevin John Cyborg City: Los Angeles and the Body in Contemporary Science Fiction Film SFSU US-CA MA Film
1979 Escomel, Gloria Mythes et inquietude metaphysique dans le fantastique et la science fiction U Montreal CA-PQ Ph.D
DAI Add X1979
1978 Estren, Mark James Horrors Within and Without: A Psychoanalytic Study of Edgar Allan Poe and Howard Phillips Lovecraft SUNY, U @ Buffalo US-NY D
DAI 39: 1565a
1959 Eurich, Nell P. Science in Utopia, a Mighty Design: A Study of Scientific Utopias in the Seventeenth Century Columbia U US-NY D
DA 20:  4098
1985 Evans, Arthur Bruce Jules Verne and the Scientific Novel Columbia U US-NY Ph.D
DAI 47: 174a
1942 Evans, Richard Bertrand Dramatic Participation in the Gothic Revival UC Berkeley US-CA Ph.D English
1993 Evans-Karastamatis, Joyce A. Celluloid Mushroom Clouds: Hollywood and the Atomic Bomb UCSD US-CA Ph.D
DAI 54: 1986a
1968 Ewbank, David Robert Role of Woman in Victorian Society, The: A Controversy Explored in Six Utopias, 1871-1895 U Illinois US-IL D
DAI 30: 318a
1991 Eygun, Francois-Xavier Barbey d'Aurevilly et le fantastique U Manitoba CA-MB D
DAI 42: 1351a


1953 Fabbricante, Lorrie Victor J. H. Rosne Aine and His Novels: Social, Analytical and Prehistorical Columbia U US-NY D
DA 14: 124
1978 Faben, Aline Sidney Folklore in the Fantasies and Romances of George MacDonald SUNY, U @ Buffalo US-NY Ph.D
DAI 39: 294
1989 Fahim, Shadia S. Doris Lessing: The Theme of Equilibrium and the form of the Novel U Exeter UK Ph.D

1992 Fairchild, James Clifford Perennial Human Problems in the Novels of Kingsley Amis U Iowa US-IA Ph.D
DAI 54: 513a
1985 Falardeau, Louise Development and Evaluation of a Module on Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Social Issues Using Science Fiction Concordia U CA-PQ MA
MAI 40:___
1997 Falc, Emilie Oline Analysis and Critique of the Venacular Discourse in Selected Feminist Science Fiction Novels, An Ohio U US-OH Ph.D
DAI 58: 4258a
1986 Faldet, David Steven Visual Art and the Poetics of Rossetti, Morris, and Yeats U Iowa US-IA Ph.D NOS
1985 Falkenthal, Anthony B. Science Fiction and Fantasy Female Heroes: A New Tool to Help Educate the Adolescent Female About Psychological Growth U Wisc, Oshkosh US-WI M

1965 Fanzo, D. A. Inquiry into the Literature of Science Fiction: Its Development, Maturation, and Significance as a Literary Genre Tx Tech U US-TX M

2001 Farrell, Jennifer Kelso Two Way Memories and Virtual Realities: How Science Fiction Works and Lewis Carroll's Alice Books Let the Reader In Montana SU, Bozeman US-MT M

1988 Fausett, David [Writing the New World: Imaginary Voyages and Utopias of the Great Southern Land; bk title] Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales, Paris France Ph.D

1989 Fedorchuk, Peter W. V. Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End and George Orwell's Animal Farm SUNY Geneseo US-NY M

1980 Feijoo, Gladys Fantastic in Carlos Fuentes' Short Stories, The Columbia U US-NY Ph.D
DAI 41: 688a
1974 Felsen, Hans Eugene Function of Heresy in Modern Literature, The: Studies in the Major Fiction of Thomas Hardy, E. M. Forster, and D. H. Lawrence U Md US-MD D
DAI 36: 1524a
1996 Felsenthal, Daniel Sonnel Keepers of the Flame: Individualism in the Films of the 1950s Stephen F. Austin SU US-TX MA History MAI 35:1215
1970? Fenerle, Lois Marie Goethe's Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre: A Document in the History of Utopian Thought U Ks US-KS D
DAI 30: 5443a
1986 Fernandez, Magali Elementos liricos, sicologicos y fantasticos en la obra de Maria Luisa Bombal NYU US-NY D
DAI 46: 161a
1974/75 Ferrari, A. M. Jack Williamson Universita Degli Studi de Torino Italy Ph.D? MA?

1991 Ferreras, Daniel Francois Typologie des contes fantastiques de Maupassant: Etudes concretes pour une theorie Mich St U US-MI D
DAI 52: 175a
1999 Feuer, William S. Producing Los Angeles: Contesting Cultures, Contesting Genres USC US-CA Ph.D
DAI 60: 4422a
1984 Fey, Catharine Lynnann Reader and Fantastic Literature, The: A Study of Selected Hispanic Texts U Chi US-IL D
DAI 44: 2158a


1967 Fiderer, Gerald Lionel Psychoanalytic Study of the Novels of George Orwell, A U Ok US-OK D
DA 28: 1074a
1966 Fiester, Ben F. Function of the Supernatural in Malory's Morte Darthur, The Penn SU US-PA Ph.D
DA 28:4124-5a
1968 Fink, H. R. George Orwell's Novels in Relation to His Social and Literary Theory London-University UK D

1969 Finkelstein, David N. Generative Principle of the Literary Art of J. R. R. Tolkien McGill U CA-PQ M

1964 Firchow, Peter Edgerly Aldous Hulxley and the Art of Satire: A Study of His Prose Fiction to Brave New World U Wisc US-WI D
DA 26:5433
1974 Fischer, Adam Jacob Formula for Utopia: The American Proletarian Novel, 1930-1939 U Mass US-MA D
DAI 35:  447a
1990 Fischer, Catherine Thomas Burnett Swann's Fantastic Forests and J. M. Barrie's Imaginary Islands Fl Atlantic U US-FL M

1979 Fischer, William Baldwin Between Fantastic Fabulation and Didactic Disquisition: Kurd Lasswitz, Hans Dominik, and the Development of German Science Fiction, 1871-1945 Yale U US-CT Ph.D
DAI 40: 5882a
1965 Fish, Robert Stevens Oral Interpretation of the Horror Stories of H. P. Lovecraft U Ok US-OK M

1969 Fisher, Nancy McWhorter Fantasy and Reality in the Poetry of Randall Jarrell U Tenn US-TN Ph.D
DAI 31: 755-6a
1973 Fisher, Vivian Boyd Search for Reality Through Dreams, The: A Study of the Work of William Morris from 1856-1872 Emory U US-GA D
DAI 34: 767a
2003 Fiskio-Lasseter, Janet Elizabeth Descending into the Flesh: Exploring Embodied Knowledge, Nonhuman Agency, and Ecocritical Theory  [Merleau-Ponty, Solds, O Butler, UKLeGuin] U Oregon US-OR MA

1997 Fitzgerald, Vincent B. Ideas and Literature: Degeneration and Recapitulation in Late Nineteenth Century American Fiction USC US-CA Ph.D

1987 Flagg, La Donna Marie Effect of Walker Percy's World-View on His Fictional Techniques CSULB US-CA MA English
1978 Flagstad, Karen Lynne Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On: Shakespeare's The Tempest and the Utopian Imagination UCLA US-CA Ph.D English DAI 39: 6774a
1995 Flanagin, David E. Self-Reflexive Enterprise, The: Metafiction in the Star Trek Series Tx Tech U US-TX M

1967 Fledderjohann, Constance C. Comparative Study of the Differential Treatment by American and British Authors of Fantasy in Children's Literature UCLA US-CA MA Education
1976 Fleming, Linda A. Science Fiction Subculture, The: Bridge Between Two Cultures U NC, Chapel Hill US-NC Ph.D
DAI 38: 1033a
1990 Fleming, Susan A. Mary Shelley and Samuel Johnson: Social and Ethical Implications of the Individual's Pursuit of Perfection Auburn U US-AL M

1996 Fletcher, Steven Q. Future of Friendship in Literature, The U Va US-VA Ph.D
DAI 57: 4378a
1992 Fleury, Anthony Gregory Dineen Aliens and Just-War Ideology: A Rhetorical Analysis Penn SU US-PA MA
MAi 31:506
1977 Flieger, Verlyn Brown Medieval Epic and Romance Motifs in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Catholic U of America US-DC Ph.D
DAI 38: 4157a


1988 Fogelberg, Heidi Gender, Power, and Identity in the Chanur Series [Cherryh] Az St U US-AZ M

1988 Foil, Sylvia Lynne Examination of the Conceptual Approach to Film Genre with a Specific Application to the Definition of the Apocalyptic Northwestern U US-IL Ph.D
DAI 50: 812a
1974 Foldeak, Hans Nuere Tendenzen der sowjetischen Science Fiction Munich Germany D? M?

1987 Fondse, Christtine Heather Writings of Monica Hughes, The: Implications for the Middle School [Canada; sf] Ohio SU US-OH Ph.D
DAI 48: 2263a
1974 ? Forclaz, Roger Monde d'Edgar Poe, L' Lausanne Switzerland BMD

1991 Ford, Alan R. Use of Religion in Some Recent Science Fiction, The No Car SU US-NC M

2003 Fornabai, Nanette Lynne (In)humanizing Norms: Machines, Fantoms and Detectives in Modern French Popular Culture [Guy de Maupassant, George Melies, Auguste comte de Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Pierre Souvestre] Brown U US-RI Ph.D
DAI 64: 1274a
1976 Forsberg, Thomas E. Science Fiction Detective Story,The : The Emergence of a Hybrid Genre Bowling Green St U US-OH MA

1988 Fortuna, Maryann Descriptive Evaluative Study of Children's Modern Fantasy and Children's Science Fiction Using a Well-Known Example of Each [Lewis; L'Engle] Temple U US-PA Ed.D
DAI 49: 1696
2002 Foss, Michele Sarah Let That Be Your Last Battlefield: Hegemony and the Construction of Biraciality in Situation Comedy, Soap Opera, and Science Fiction Television U Fla US-FL Ph.D
DAI 63: 2036a
1985 Foster, Anita G. Investigation into the Reading Interests of Gifted Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Students, An SUNY, U @ Buffalo US-NY Ed.D
DAI 46: 2247A
1973 Foster, Mark Anthony Write the Other Way: The Correlation of Style and Theme in Selected Prose Fiction of Ray Bradbury Fla St U US-FL D
DAI 34:  1906a
1997 Fourquin, Jodi L. Hall Deshumanisation de Boris Vian, La: Un avertissement a la societye moderne Kent St U US-OH M

1993 Fowler, Judy Exploring How Animals Fare in Worlds Created by Feminist Science Fiction Writers U Wisc, Whitewater US-WI M

1941 Fowler, Marguerite Terese Sir Thomas More as an Historian U Iowa US-IA MA English
1991 Fox, James Michael Robert A. Heinlein and Cold War America NE Missouri SU US-MO M
MAI 29:572
1992 Fox, Patricia L. Influence of Surrealist Art in the Novles of J. G. Ballard, The U Kent UK M

1974 Fox, Robert E. Mirrors of Caliban, The: A Study of the Fiction of LeRoi Jones (Imamu Amiri Baraka), Ishmael Reed, and Samuel R. Delany SUNY, U @ Buffalo US-NY Ph.D
DAI 37: 5121a
1969 Fox, Vivian C. Deviance in English Utopias in the 6th, 17th, and 18th Centuries Boston U US-MA Ph.D
DAI 30: 1955a
1935 Francis, Frances Utopian Literature in English So Methodist U US-TX M

1991 Francis, Kevin Democracy, Citizenship and Utopia [T More - Utopia] U Glasgow UK D
DAI 51: 3776a
1995 Frank, Lyndsey Michelle From Nautilus to Neuromancer: The Human-Machine Relationship in Science Fiction Literature from the Victorian Era to the 1980s Linfield Col US-OR B

1991 Franko, Carol S. Productivy of Ambivalence, The: Dialogic Strategies in the Utopian Narratives of Wells, Huxley, Lessing, and LeGuin U Wisc, Madison US-WI D
DAI 51: 3068a
1993 Fraser, Christina L. Structure of Creativity, The: Building a Novel St. Mary's of San Antonio, TX US-TX B?

1970 Fraser, Howard M[ichael] Supernatural in Modernist Fiction, The U NM US-NM BMD
DAI 31: 5400a
1975 Fraser, Joseph Hugh, Jr. Introduction to the Hermetic Novels of Charles Williams, An Tx A&M U US-TX D
DAI 36: 2808a
1992 Frazier, Paul M. Patterns in Recent Science Fiction Drama Bowling Green St U US-OH Ph.D

1987 Frazier, Paul M. Science Fiction Drama: The Present Seen Through the Future Mich St U US-MI MA
MAI 27:11
1983 Frederick, Bonnie Kathleen Nineteenth Century Fantastic Short Story in Argentina and Uruguay, The U Az US-AZ Ph.D
DAI 44: 764a
1997 Frenk, Joachim [Myriads of Fantastic Forms: Formen und Funktionen des Phantastischen in englischen Sozialmarchen des 19. Jahrhunderts; bk title] Munster (Westfalen) Germany D

1975 Friend, Beverly Oberfield Science Fiction Fan Cult, The Northwestern U US-IL D
DAI 36: 4475a
1999 Frigout-Bosquet, Marie-Francoise Femme, un utopie, La; ou, Le discours sur le feminin dans la litt… Universite de la Reunion France D

1979 Frisby, Elisabeth Stein Nietzsche's Influence on the Superman in Science Fiction Literature Fla St U US-FL Ph.D
DAI 40: 5081a
2001 Fritzsche, Sonja Rae Alternate Worlds, Alternate Visions: Cultural Politics and Socialist Critique in East German Science Fiction U Minn US-MN Ph.D German? DAI 62: 1038a
1966 Fry, Kenneth Richard Victorian Decorative Impulse in the Poetry of WilliamMorris, The U Missouri US-MO D
DA 27:3452a
1994 Fry, Lisa Rae Gerber Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea series: Shaping the Identity of An Other in Another World Boise SU US-ID MA

1974 Fry, Phillip L. Annotated Calendar of the Letters from E. M. Forster to Joe R. Ackerley in the Humanities Research Center, the University of Texas at Austin U Tx, Austin US-TX D
DAI 35: 449a
1997 Fuller, Arthur F. Star Wars Trilogy,The: Its Religious Significance Wake Forest U US-NC M

1954 Fullman, Christopher Edward Mind and Art of Charles Williams, The: A Study of His Poetry, Plays and Novels U Wisc US-WI Ph.D [English]
1969 Futch, Ken Syntax of C. S. Lewis' Style, The: A Statistical Look as Some Syntactic Features USC US-CA D
DAI 30: 2002a


1973 Gaar, Alice Carol German Science Fiction: Variations on the Theme of Survival in the Space Time Continuum U NC, Chapel Hill US-NC Ph.D Germanic Langs DAI 34: 2623a
1952 Gabard, Elsie Caroline Contributions Toward a History of Science Fiction in English, 1920 to 1950, with Emphasis on the Science Fiction Novel USC US-CA AM

1977 Gabbe, Isa Ulrike Kurd Lasswitz' Novel Auf zwei Planeten 91897): An Analysis of an Early Work of German Science Fiction McGill U CA-PQ MA
MAI 40:___
1992 Gabilondo, Joseba Cinematic Hyperspace: New Hollywood Cinema and Science Fiction Film: Image and Commodification in Late Capitalism UCSD US-CA Ph.D
DAI 53: 5a
1998 Gaddar, Saad Figures et poetique de la folie dans les contes cruel et fantas… Universite de Paris 7 France D

1972 Gaither, A. Perry, III J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings: A Journey of Self-Realization Miss SU US-MS M

1976 Galichenko, Nicholas V. Humor, Satire and Fantastic Elements in Mixail Bulgakov's Early Prose McGill U CA-PQ D
DAI 37: 2929a
1986 Gallagher, R. Science Fiction and Language: Language and the Imagination in Post-War Science Fiction Warwick U UK Ph.D

1991 Gallagher, Ronald Joseph Uses of the Supernatural in the Works of Lord Dunsany and James Stevens, The U Wash US-WA D
DAI 51: 4111a
1979 Galle, J. H. Archetypal Patterns in J. R. R. tolkien's The Lord of the Rings La Tech U US-LA M

2000 Gallegos, Joe E. Everything Has Become: The Emergence of the Termite Aesthetic in Late-Twentieth Century American Science Fiction CSULB US-CA MA English MAI 40:851
1961 Galles, Helen H. Selection of Science Fiction for the Public Library, The Catholic U of America US-DC MS

1993 Galloway, Stanley Auburn Station Built on Sand: A Science-Fiction Novel with Critical Discussion [original wtg] U Ks US-KS Ph.D
DAI 54: 3431a
1981 Galvez Lira, Gloria Maria Luisa Bombal: Realidad y Fantasia UCLA US-CA Ph.D
DAI 42:3620a
1979 Gambarini, Elsa Krieger Narratologia en los cuentos fantasticos de Horacio Quiroga, La Yale U US-CT D
DAI 40: 3333a
1991 Gamble, Sarah J. New Cultural Models in Women's Fantasy Literature U Sheffield UK Ph.D

1988 Ganger, Vikki D. Restoring the Balance: The Taoist Hero in the Earthsea Trilogy of Ursula K. Le Guin E Tenn SU US-TN MA

1998 Gannon, Charles E. Speculative Fiction: Literature of Political Transformation Fordham U US-NY Ph.D English DAI 58: 4269a
1997 Gant-Britton, Lisbeth Women of Color Constructing Subjectivity Towards the Future: Toni Morrison, Octavia Butler, and Cynthia Kadohata UCLA US-CA Ph.D Comparative Literature
1978 Gardiner, [Helen] Jane American Utopian Fiction, 1885-1910: The Influence of Science and Technology U Houston--Central Campus US-TX Ph.D
DAI 39: 6840a
1988 Gardiner-Scott, Tanya Jane Mervyn Peake: The Evolution of a Dark Romantic U Toronto CA-ON D
DAI 48: 2879a
1963 Gardner, Delbert Ralph William Morris's Poetic Reputation in England, 1858-1900 U Rochester US-NY D
DA 24: 2030
2001 Garrick, LeeAnn Cooper [Cooper Garrick???] Exploring Humanness in Nonhumans: The Cyborg in Cotemporary Fiction [R.Powers, PKDick, R.Scott, L.Wachowski] U Alaska, Anchorage US-AK MA

1996 Gatlin, Charles Morgan, Jr. Inventions, Dreams, Imitations [Original writing] U No Tx US-TX MA
DAI info to come
1996 Gavilan, Yolanda Molina Ciencia ficcion Hispana: Un estudio de casos Argentinos y Espanoles Az St U US-AZ Ph.D
DAI 57: 3048a
1974 Gelbart, Nina Rattner Science in Enlightenment Utopias: Power and Purpose in Eighteenth-Century Franch voyages imaginaires U Chi US-IL Ph.D

1997 Genefort, Laurent Architecture du livre-univers dans la science-fiction a travers… Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis France D

1970 Gent, Margaret G. Theme and Symbol in the Poetry of William Morris Leeds U UK D

2000? Gentejohann, Volker Narratives from the final Frontier: A Post Colonial Reading of the Original Star Trek U Bielefeld [pubd in US by P. Lang] Germany M

1986 Gerdy, Maria S. Human-Robot Relationship Theme in Isaac Asimov's Robot Trilogy Columbia U Teacher's College US-NY Ed.D
DAI 47: 815a
1977 Gerson, Steven M. Paradise Sought: Adamic Imagery in Selected Novels by Saul Bellow and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Tx Tech U US-TX Ph.D


1965 Gibson, Lary Hazelton Disenchanted Garde, The: A Study of the Major Fiction of James Branch Cabell's The Biography of the Life of Manuel U Oregon US-OR D
DA 26:5433
1979 Giesen, Rolf Phantastische Film, Der Freie Universitat Berlin Germany D? M?

1954 Gigrich, John P. Immortality for Its Own Sake, An: A Study of the Concept of Poetry in the Writings of Charles Williams Catholic U of America US-DC Ph.D

1995 Giles, Stacie Lee Martin Russian Science Fiction: Window into Which Future? UCLA US-CA MA Poli Sci
1989 Gill, Gudrun Utopie Hofnung bei Luise Rinser, Die: Eine soziopsychologische Studie USC US-CA D
DAI 49: 1814a
1988 Gilliam, Rhonda K. Sexuality and Setting: Modes of Characterization in Selected Novels of Joanna Russ Tx Tech U US-TX M

1997 Gilmore, George Matthew Philosophy of Time Travel, The [Reverse causation] Dalhousie U CA-NS MA
MAI 36:920
1996 Gilzinger, Donald Merritt, Jr. Future Isn't What It Used to Be, The: Globalization in the Fiction of William Gibson and Other Cyberwriters SUNY Stony Brook US-NY Ph.D
DAI 58: 455a
1999 Gindre, Philippe Formation ds Neologismes dans la litterature de science-fiction …, La Universite de Franche-Comte France D

1989 Ginway, Mary Elizabeth Brazilian Miracle, The: Technology in Brazilian Fiction Vanderbilt U US-TN Ph.D
DAI 50: 1650a
2001 Girard, Theresa Mary Alternate Futures: the Transposition of Women's Roles in Science Fiction from Print to visual Media Wayne St U US-MI Ph.D
DAI 62: 1003a
1972 Gish, Robert Franklin Literary Allusion and the Homiletic Style of E. M. Forster: A Study in the Relationship Between the Tales and the Novels U New Mex US-NM D
DAI 33: 5678a
1983 Giudicelli, Elisabeth Approche du temps vecu du schizophrene a travers l'etude de trois romans de Philip K. Dick  [These de doctorat en medecine] Universite Paris VI France DM

1970 Glad, John Peter Russian Soviet Science Fiction and Related Critical Activity NYU US-NY D
DAI 31: 6055a
1998 Glanfield, Ross Edward Boldly [To] Go Where No Man…: The Feminist Science Fiction of Joanna Russ U Manitoba CA-MB MA English MAI 37:757
1968 Gleaves, Robert Milnor Fantasy in the Contemporary Mexican Short Story: A Critical Study Vanderbilt U US-TN D
DA 29:2261a
1980 Glenn, Ellen Walker Androgynous Woman Character in the American Novel, The U Colo Boulder US-CO Ph.D
DAI 41: 4713a
1977 Glennon, Dorinda Creative Philology: The Use of Language in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Idaho SU US-ID M

1997 Glickman, Steven Ross Forbidden Texts: The Ambivalence of Knowledge and Writing in Horror Fiction from Mary Shelley to Stephen King U Colo US-CO Ph.D
DAI 58: 2637a
1992 Gloege / Gleoge, Martin E. American Origins of the Postmodern Self, The [T.Morrison; T.Pynchon; P.K.Dick] Rutgers U US-NJ Ph.D
DAI 53: 913
1981 Gluck, Rochelle Lita Fantastic Element as a Vehicle of Idealism in the Theater of Alejandro Casona, The Rutgers U US-NJ D
DAI 42: 1656-7a
1975 Glyer, Michael D. Evaluation of the 1975 Science Fiction Marketplace, An; and the Story 'Mosquito Boat Dance' Bowling Green St U US-OH M


1955 Going, Margaret Elizabeth Moorer John Cowper Powys, Novelist U Mich US-MI D
DA 15: 582
1978 Golden, Joanne Marie Schema for Analyzing Response to Literature Applied to the Responses of fifth and Eighth Grades to Realistic and Fantasy Short Stories Ohio SU US-OH Ph.D
DAI 39: 5996a
1970 Goldsmith, David Hirsh Novels of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., The Bowling Green St U US-OH D
DAI 31: 2916a
1981 Goldsmith, Marlene Herbert Video Values Education: Star Trek as Modern Myth U Minn US-MN Ph.D
DAI 42: 4979a
2002 Goldstein, Amy B. Effect of Affect-Laden Reading Passages on Children's Emotional Expressivity in Play, The [Harry Potter; Goosebumps; The Secret Garden] Case Western Reserve U US-OH Ph.D Psychology
1957 Goldstein, Marsha Teaching Creativity in Chemistry Through Science Fiction Boston U US-MA M.Ed.

1985 Gonzalez Loureiro, Manuel-Angel Magia y seduccion: La saga/fuga de J. B. y La isla de los jacintos cortados de Gonzalo Torrente Ballester U Penn US-PA D
DAI 46: 1294a
1993 Gonzalez-Castro, Francisco Relaciones insolitas, Las: Estudios de literatura fantastica espanola del siglo XX SUNY Stony Brook US-NY D
DAI 53: 4343-4a
1973 Gooch, Velma L. William Morris: Towards Unity in Art and Life Manchester UK D

1971 Goodrich, James A. Science-Fiction Anti-Utopia, The: Some Social and Political Themes U Ks US-KS MA

1983 Goodrich, Peter H. Merlin: The Figure of the Wizard in English Fiction U Mich US-MI Ph.D
DAI 44: 1798a
1970 Goodwin, K. L. Relationship Between the Narrative Poetry of William Morris, His Art and Craft-Work, and His Aesthetic Theories, The Oxford UK D

1975 Goodyear, Clarice Cato Ursula Le Guin's The Lathe of Heaven: An Analysis Brown U US-RI AM

1981 Gordon, Joan Lois Inside Science Fiction and the Fiction of Joe Haldeman U Iowa US-IA Ph.D English DAI 42: 3156a
1960 Gordon, Walter K. Critical Selected Edition of William Morris's Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, 1856, A Penn U US-PA D
DA 21: 3781
1990 Gordon-Wise, Barbara A. Reclamation of a Queen, The: Guinevere in Modern Fantasy U Mass, Amherst US-MA Ph.D
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