Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Utopian, and Dystopian
Theses and Dissertations

Compiled by

Leslie Kay Swigart
University Library

California State University, Long Beach

Latest List Update:  23 September 2004

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Purpose of this list:  My purpose is to attempt to list every doctoral dissertation, masters thesis, and baccalaureate/senior/honors thesis dealing with science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural, and utopian/dystopian literature and media of which I become aware.  Lists attempting to list 'everything' of something are doomed to a certain level of incompleteness, but the attempt is part of the fun of doing it.

Arrangement of this list:  This list is arranged in a simple A-Z listing by the authors surnames. 

The information provided:

Compilation of this list:  This list has been compiled by searching a variety of sources, among them:
I have examined more than 20% of these dissertations and theses, either in paper, microformat, or electronic versions for another project, and will continue to do so.  Many thanks to the libraries which I have visited, and which have loaned materials, with the biggest thanks to be given to  InterLibrary Services at CSULB (Alex Rambo and his group of hard-working people).

Updates to this list:  Currently, I plan to update the main list on a quarterly basis, more or less.  For new titles which have not yet been added to the main list, please see the New Titles list link below.

Suggest additions/corrections to this list:  If you know of additional candidates for this list (or corrections needing to be made), please send the bibliographic information to me at: lswigart (AT) csulb (DOT) edu.  Or use this online form.  And THANK YOU!

Authors:  A through D

Authors:  E through K

Authors:  L through R

Authors:  S through Z

Undecided Titles 

Those titles which I've not yet decided are appropriate for this list.  If you are familiar with any of them, and have an opinion on whether they should be included in the main listing or not, please contact me.

Fiction Titles

These titles are theses and dissertations which are literary works, not critical works.  If you think I have made a mistake in classifying a title in this category, please contact me.

Excluded Titles

These titles have been excluded from the main listing because while they may appear in the results of various searches conducted in pursuit of dissertations and theses for this listing, they seem to be 'false drops' or inappropriate.  If you think I have misclassified any of these titles, and that any of them should be included in the main listing, please contact me.

New Titles

These titles have not yet been added to the main list (above).  This list will be updated more frequently than the (planned) quarterly updates.  Once these new titles have been added to the main list, a new New Titles list will be started and the process will begin again.

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