SEE US Succeed! 2014
Science Education Experience to help Underserved Students Succeed!

 This program is a joint venture between CSULB and Long Beach Unified School District. Supported by the Earl. B. and Loraine H. Miller Foundation and individual and group donors*. SEE US Succeed! is a two-week, summer science camp program for homeless children in Long Beach Unified. The program is modeled after the Young Scientists Camp program held at CSULB. We'll provide two weeks of hands-on, inquiry based science investigations for K-8th grade homeless children in Long Beach Unified School District. Summer 2014 will be our seventh year running the program.

We hope to be partnering with Downtown Long Beach Lion's Club & St. Mary's Medical Center Low Vision Screening Center to provide vision screening for students. The Smile Bright Foundation will be providing dental screening and sealants. Afternoon programming will be provided by the Long Beach Community Action Partnership.

Who is eligible: K-8th grade homeless children in LBUSD
Dates: July 28 - August 8, 2014

An all-day program-- LBUSD buses will pick-up children along predetermined routes and bring them to the camp. Afternoon programming will be provided for children by the Long Beach Community Action Partnership (LBCAP). Kids will return to their families in the late afternoon.

Typical Day at Science Camp

Kids arrive by bus at Cabrillo High School at 8:30 (see bus route on application form)
Science activities
10:15 snack and recess
10:30 more science
11:45 free lunch program
12:30 science
1:00-5:00 Long Beach Community Action Partnership
5:00 bus arrives at Bethune to bring kids to home school

Counselors: please help us recruit for this program.
Copy of handout for Counselors provided at counselor meetings in March.

2014 Homeless Science Camp Application  
Please note that this is a multipage application (it also includes a permission slip for vision screening, the after camp programming in addition to the camp application). Only one application cover sheet per family. However we need one form per child for the Vision Screening
and one application for LBCAP per child. Permission slips for Dental Screening will be distributed during camp. We encourage all siblings from a family to attend so that parent(s) have two weeks to seek work or more permanent housing. Be sure that families submit a completed application.

Completed applications are due to Rhonda Haramis at the Bethune Transitional Center by Friday, May 30, 2014.

Families will be notified in early June. Students not accepted in the first round will be wait-listed and contacted in July if openings become available.

Dates: July 28th - August 8
Summer 2014 Homeless Science Camp – Bus Route

Any student able to get to one of these stations can be transported to and from camp for free. Other students are eligible to participate but they must get their own transportation to & from Bethune.









1st stop


7:40 AM

5:55 PM

2nd stop


7:45 AM

5:50 PM

3rd stop


7:50 AM

5:45 PM

4th stop


8:00 AM

5:35 PM

5th stop


8:05 AM

5:30 PM




8:15 AM

5:20 PM

7th stop


8:20 AM

5:15 PM

8th stop


8:25 AM

5:10 PM

9th stop


N/A – kids walk to Cabrillo from Garfield

5:05 PM

 * Students near Garfield will be expected to walk to Cabrillo High School by 8:30 AM. They will be transported from Bethune at 5:00 back to Garfield at 5:05 PM.

If you have questions please contact Rhonda Haramis (at Bethune) or Laura Henriques (at CSULB).

The camp has garnered press interest over the years. Here are a few stories about the program.