Association of Future Science Educators
2006-2007 Academic Year Activities
AFSE is sponsored in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation   (DUE-0501326)

September 19, 2006 Science Activities Round-Robin
    More than 60 students joined in for an evening of hands-on activities led by CSULB Teaching Associates from Young Scientists Camp. In addition to leading peers through activities the Teaching Associates also shared their experiences working at the camp. Applications will be available in November  for summer 2007.
    Meaghan Hurst & Michelle Zentgraf were TAs for the light, color & sound group. They shared lessons and activities with magnifiers, pinhole cameras and lenses.
    Joyce Andrew & Mary Neimeyer had the group building stomp rockets and clinometers (devices used to measure the altitude a rocket reaches). This was a nice integration of science and math.
    Kim Watten & Jill Grace led students through a forensics activity that used chromatography to solve a mystery. Students then learned about how to create "Wanted Posters" - a nice integration of reading/writing and science.
    Our presenters did a great job and everyone seemed to enjoy what they learned.

October 12, 2006 Physics Activities for the Upper Elementary/Middle School Classroom
    50+ students spent the evening learning about Newton's Laws. We discussed associated misconceptions, saw demonstrations and did activities to help teach the topic. Students made balloon rockets and twirly pencils, tried out a few demonstrations and threw some eggs!
Click here for the evening's handouts.

November 6, 2006 Integration Made Elementary: Connecting Life Sciences and Language Arts/ELD
 Approximately 60 students joined Drs. Straits and Gomez-Zwiep for an evening of language arts & science. They shared reading and writing techniques that will help students with literacy skills AND science skills. Students learned how to use fiction and non-fiction to teach K-12 kids science.

December 6, 2006 The Job Search! Finding, applying and interviewing for teaching jobs. A panel of principals, HR staff, department chairs and our own Education Career Placement Director shared their insights on the job market and getting hired. Be sure to visit the Education Career Placement Office & website for information on job fairs. CSULB will host an education job fair on April 20th. Visit the website for registration forms and additional information.

February 14, 2007 Assessment 101! Dr. Henriques did a presentation on the basics of assessment, item writing and testing. We discussed what makes for good test items and how to use the information from tests to help us be better teachers.

March 15, 2007 An Evening of NASA Educational Activities NASA Educators Art Hammon and Carlo Cayetano shared posters, curriculum and led a group of 70 students through various activities related to astronomy and space. The Messages from Space curriculm was highlighted and given to each participant. Download this and other NASA educational materials!