Here are some pictures from our 1995/96 season.

Last updated May 9, 1996.

These are from dinner the night before a race at the Spaghetti Factory. There were about 60 of us in there for dinner. This is part of the Novice Men's team (from left to right: Eric, Dana, David, Alec, Aaron, Brian, Tory, and Mike).

Image of team dinner

Here's our coach and his partner, John, taking their boat out for their race.

Image of John & Pete

Dana and his sock puppet . . . I think the picture speaks for itself.

Image of Dana & sockpuppet

Passing time in Newport waiting for the fog to clear (the races were delayed more than 1 1/2 hours).

Image of crew playing

After the fog cleared up, we were able to start our warm up.

Image of crew warm up

The novice men's "A" boat at Newport waiting to start the race.

Image of novice

Here's the cox'ns view of the novice men's "B" boat before the race.

Image of cox'n view

Eric, Dana, Tim, Aaron, David, Brian, Joey, and Josh flexing for the camera.

Image of men flexing

Mary, Hanne, Me, Sara, and Claire posing for the camera with 3rd place medals from State Champs for the WV4+.

Image of women's varsity 4

MN4+ morning practice in the stadium (Rachel, Makell, Tory, David H., and Jason).

Image of men's novice 4