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Arts Advocates
American Arts Alliance

The Alliance represents nonprofit arts organizations and their publics before Congress and other branches of the Federal government. Up-to-date information about national support of arts and culture, as well as information on the economic impact of the arts in their communities.
Americans for the Arts

Resources on advocacy and public policy in the arts. Regular updates on the status of legislation, appropriations, Presidential and Congressional remarks on the arts, surveys conducted by NEA and other groups on art education, and other legislative issues. 
National Endowment for the Arts

Very extensive and informative web site, with funding guidelines, reports on funded grants, and commissioned studies on the role of the arts in national life.
Critics of NEA
Cato Institute

Policy paper urging that NEA be privatized.
Concerned Women for America

Essay on why NEA should be abolished.
Eagle Forum

Letter to Congress urging that NEA be abolished.
Senator Jesse Helms

Leading critic of the NEA and author of the "decency" clause in the NEA authorizing legislation
Townhall: NEA Watch

American Conservative Union attack on NEA, with links to other NEA critics.
Arts On-Line

Look at on-line exhibits/displays of art, select a work for discussion, and then consider how you would evaluate the work (a) as an art critic, (b) as a prospective buyer of the work for display in their private home, (c) as a panelist at a government funding agency, such as NEA, (d) as a panelist at a private funding agency, such as a private foundation. To find new and recent art, try these:

Art Education
Arts Edge

Art education programs at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC
Eyes on Art

Resources for teachers, in a discipline-based approach to arts education, created for Pacific Bell's Education First Initiative
American Dance Festival

Premiere festival of modern dance in the United States, with many affiliated educational programs, at Duke University
Ballet Web

Devoted to classical ballet, with many links to other sites
CyberDance: Ballet on the Net

Extensive links to sources on classical ballet and modern dance
American Film Institute

Major film repository, with some available on its Web site.
Film-Philosophy Electronic Salon

Maintained in Great Britain, with links to information on philosophers who write about film, journals on film and philosophy, bibliographies, and extensive links to on-line writing about film and philosophy
Leonard Bernstein

Extensive on-line archive maintained by the Bernstein estate, with excerpts from his recordings, photographs, letters, catalogues, scores, and other materials. Bernstein was a tireless supporter of the NEA until his death.
Classical Midi Archives

Over 3,000 classical music files in Midi format. A Midigate player can be downloaded as well. The site permits you to download up to 100 files for your own personal use.
Theatre Central

Comprehensive listing of theater resources on the Internet
Visual Art
African Art: Aesthetics and meaning

Electronic exhibition catalog from the Bayly Art Museum at the University of Virginia
AIDS Memorial Quilt

Consider whether the quilt includes any "depiction" of homosexuality, as prohibited by Congress in NEA-funded projects. (The quilt itself did not receive NEA funds. The issue is what constitutes "depiction" in the Congressional prohibitions.")

Extensive site at the Getty Education Institute for the Arts, with resources for art education, including on-line exhibits, discussions with featured artists, and materials on the history, criticism, and philosophy of the visual arts

New site for promotion of performing and visual arts with ratings of arts-related web sites.
California Museum of Photography

On-line exhibits at the Museum at University of California, Riverside
Fine Art Forum

Directory of online art resources
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

LACMA's home page includes artist interviews, online catalogues, and the exhibition schedule
Louvre Museum

On-line images from the collection at the Paris museum
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Generous on-line exhibit from the New York museum
Museum of Bad Art

A good way to assess your critical skills.
The Thinker

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco: imagebase with 50,000 works on paper, including search tools.

Content-based image and video search catalog tool for the Web, maintained at Columbia University
Women's Artist Archive

The first web site dedicated to women artists on the WWW, created in 1995 at Sonoma State University
World Wide Arts Resources

Extensive links to artists, galleries, museums, art schools, and publications
World Wide Web Virtual Library Museum Pages

Extensive links, sponsored by the International Council of Museums
Emory University Law School

A wealth of information about the U.S. Constitution and other legal resources.

One of the best all-purpose search sites for resources on the law on the Web.
Legal Information Institute

Students interested in the law should become acquainted with this site hosted by Cornell Law School. The on-line content includes recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions (since 1990), information about the current members of the Supreme Court, the full U.S. legal code (U.S.C., the United States Code), and other materials of interest. You can look up the current version of the authorizing legislation for the National Endowment for the Arts (codified at 20 U.S.C. 951 et seq.), to identify those passages which address "obscenity" and "indecency," and evaluate the passages in light of the issues considered in class. 
Library of Congress

Numerous links to information about all branches of the government, as well as historical on-line exhibits of library holdings. An exhibit about the Works Project Administration illustrates one of the earliest examples of Federal support for the arts.
National Archives

Home of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. An on-line Exhibit Hall the full text of all documents, as well as high-resolution images of the original pages of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Archives also maintain a "Digital Classroom" with on-line instructional materials on the use of historic documents and information on ordering. "The Constitution (Learning With Documents)":

Established by the Library of Congress in 1994, the site provides the full text of House and Senate bills as far back as 1994, the Congressional Record, the U.S. Constitution, and other resources. Find statements by Representatives and Senators in the past year on funding for the arts and critique the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments marshaled.
U.S House of Representatives

Most Representatives now have their own Web sites, including policy statements on various issues. 
U.S. Senate

Most Senators now have their own Web sites, including policy statements on various issues.
United States Supreme Court Oral Argument Archive

Tapes of the oral arguments for many cases are available at this site, including Miller v. California and other important cases in freedom of expression. The RealAudio software needed to listen to the tapes on-line can also be downloaded from this site, which is maintained at Northwestern University.
American Philosophical Association The pre-eminent national organization for philosophers, with links to many resources in the field.
American Society for Aesthetics
Major organization for philosophers of art, as well as practicing critics and theorists. Numerous links to resources in the field.
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

Very comprehensive links from Earlham College
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Both primary sources and secondary articles on all areas of philosophy.
Philosophy at Large

Maintained by the University of Liverpool
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Philosophy/Philosophy

Maintained by the University of Bristol, it provides comprehensive information about philosophy resources in philosophy, including on-line texts of classic philosophical material, such as John Stuart Mill's On Liberty.
American Civil Liberties Union

Extensive on-line resources on the First Amendment
Banned Books On-Line

Comprehensive listing of books that have been suppressed or censored by government authorities, including Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, Voltaire's Candide, Whitman's Leaves of Grass, and Rousseau's autobiography.
Esperanza Center

Detailed report on elimination of public funding for arts center in San Antonio, Texas.
The File Room

An extensive on-line collection of art that has been censored, going back many centuries. It has been assembled by the Randolph Street Gallery in Chicago, with support from the School of Art and Design and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. A small number of the reports include photographs which some might not consider appropriate for minors.
Freedom Forum Online

Extensive on-line resources at Vanderbilt University.
Institute for First Amendment Studies

Variety of position papers on censorship and other issues.
International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX)

A global network of free expression groups that monitors censorship around the world. The website has an extensive archive of alerts dating from 1995 to the present day.
National Campaign for Freedom of Expression

National organization promoting free speech. Along with ACLU and the Center for Constitutional rights, the NCFE sponsored the lawsuit by artists against the "decency" clause at the National Endowment for the Arts.
People for the American Way

Advocacy organization fighting intolerance, with on-line materials on free speech and other issues.
General Interest
C-Span Networks

Congressional debates and hearings on funding the arts.
Los Angeles Times

Reviews of local and national arts programming
New York Times

Reviews of arts events of national interest and coverage of court decisions affecting the arts.
Public Broadcasting Service

Excellent supplementary material on PBS' arts-related programming
Washington Post

Comprehensive reporting on government funding of the arts and the activities of Congress and the courts
Reference Tools in the Arts and Humanities
CARL UnCover on the Web

Free on-line searches of journal articles; most can be faxed to you for a credit-card charge
Encyclopedia Britannica Internet Guide

Best and most reliable of the Internet, with 65,000 rated sites and a useful search engine.
New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

Premiere library for performing arts, with an on-line searchable catalog of library resources
Voice of the Shuttle, University of California, Santa Barbara

Very comprehensive listing of WWW resources in the arts and humanities, organized by discipline, including architecture, art & art history, literature, literary theory, media studies, music & dance, philosophy, and photography
Words of Art

Words of Art

On-Line Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the Visual Arts

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