Welcome to Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden  
  7: The Pond Viewing Room  

By descending down the stone pavers away from teahouse, we arrive at a clearing at the pond’s edge. To our left is a bench situated beneath beautiful Japanese maples, and amongst the blooming Hydrangea. This bench marks the halfway point of the journey through the Garden and here we get the reverse long view, which mirrors the view from beneath the Chinese flame tree, and extends across the pond to the gate.


What to look for:

Both Japanese iris along the water’s edge, and water lilies in the pond bloom brilliantly in spring, providing bold colors against the green back drop of the pond and trees. In May, they produce a wash of large lavender, purple, yellow, and white blossoms.


Though lawns are not normal to Japanese gardens, ours provide a peaceful area to sit by the water’s edge and enjoy the plants and Koi that, in many ways, make the world beneath the water’s surface busier than that above it.