Florence Newberger
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, California State University, Long Beach

Florence Newberger
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I serve as the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Service Course coordinator. In this role, I oversee various 100-level courses.

Calibrated Peer Review

I am one of the campus coordinators for Calibrated Peer Review (CPR), which is a browser based software that facilitates a peer reviewed writing assignment. If you are CSULB faculty, and you would like more information about CPR, please contact me.

I wrote the document About Authoring for CPR to help faculty develop their own successful CPR assignments.

Master's Thesis Students
The following students have completed Master's Theses under my direction.

2008 Blake Rector
Thesis Title: Characterization of Solenoidal Groups

2006 Jeremy Jankans
Thesis title: Invariant Quaternion Algebras and Kleinian Groups

2005 Merrick Sterling
Thesis title: Geometric Coding of Geodesics on Surfaces of Constant Negative Curvature

2004 Alison Williams
Thesis title: Equivalent statements of property (T)

2004 Jason Karcher
Thesis title: Algebraic actions and the Borel Density Theorem
CSULB College of Natural Science Outstanding Thesis Award Winner

Research and Scholarly Activity

My Ph.D. research lies in differential geometry and dynamical systems. More specifically, I study systems such as geodesic flows and isometric group actions, in which the geometry and the dynamics closely intertwine. Recently, through my work in College Algebra, I have become interested in how the different representations of mathematics (such as graphs, equations and the contexts they model) can be used to communicate and describe aspects of science and economics. I find modeling and the mathematics that naturally arises in biology particularly interesting. I hope my research record will soon reflect this new interest.


Study Guide, for College Algebra Concepts and Contexts, by James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson and Phyllis Panman, Cengage, 2010

Counter examples to minimal entropy rigidity in the Finsler category normalized by symplectic volume, joint with B. Colbois and P. Verovic, Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, October 2008

A Multiplier Theorem for Fourier Series in Several Variables, with Nakhle Akbar and Saleem Watson, Colloq. Math. 106 (2006), 221-230

Recounting the Odds of an Even Derangement, with Arthur T. Benjamin, and Curtis D. Bennett, Mathematics Magazine, December 2005, 387-390

Patterson-Sullivan measure for geometrically finite groups with parabolic elements acting on real rank 1 symmetric spaces, Geometria Dedicata 97, (2003) 215--249.

Minimal entropy rigidity for Finsler manifolds of negative flag curvature, joint with J. Boland, Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 21 no.1, (2001) 13--23


I am a member of the Mathematics Association of America, and the webmaster for the Southern California-Nevada Section of the Mathematics Association of America.

Other information

With my business partner Gwen Fisher, I sell patterns for beadwork, made by sewing small seed beads together using a needle and thread. Our business is called beAd Infinitum.