Welcome to my website!  I am an Associate Professor of Economics and the Director of 
Graduate Studies at CSULB.  I received my Ph.D. from George Washington University in 
2008.  My fields of specialization include natural resource and environmental economics 
and applied microeconomics.  I regularly teach Principles of Microeconomics (101), 
Natural Resource Economics (464), and Research Methods in Economics (587).

My research interests include environmental policy issues as they relate to firm and 
household behavior and valuation of natural resources.  I am currently working on a 
multidisciplinary research project examining the economic and ecological benefits of 
restoring an urban wetland.  I also study decision making of electric utilities in 
response to a sulfur dioxide pollution regulations.  Finally, I am involved in 
institutional research efforts at CSULB examining factors that determine graduate 
student success.  Refer to my CV for a comprehensive list of my research projects.

As Director of Graduate Studies, I provide leadership to the Graduate Student Success 
Initiative, collaborate with campus offices and graduate advisors to coordinate graduate
admissions and advising processes, and facilitate the administration of graduate student
support programs.