The Mindfulness at Work (MFW) microcommunity is a community of scholars dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of mindfulness in the workplace. We seek greater understanding of how mindfulness and related practices can support positive organizational functioning. We aim to do so through rigorous and innovative research, and strive to continually make scholarly findings accessible to both teachers and practitioners.


The Mindfulness at Work (MFW) microcommunity aims to develop and disseminate research on the theory, practice, and teaching of mindfulness in the workplace.

Actions we take to achieve these goals include:

-- Helping members connect: MFW microcommunity members connect virtually on an ongoing basis, and convene face-to face when possible (e.g., at Academy of Management annual meetings).

-- Disseminating information: The MFW microcommunity maintains a list of resources (e.g., research publications, books, teaching materials) and announces opportunities (e.g., events, special issues, awards) related to the study of mindfulness at work.

-- Fostering collaborations: The MFW microcommunity offers peer feedback and friendly reviews on ongoing mindfulness research, including incubating new ideas and refining existing ones

-- Generating innovative ideas: The MFW microcommunity explores novel intersections of mindfulness and traditional organizational practices, as this integration may achieve previously unrealized benefits.

In doing so, we strive to maintain an open spirit in two ways:

-- Definition of mindfulness: "What is mindfulness?" is a key question. As there are many varied conceptualizations, perspectives, and interpretations of the art and science of mindfulness, we seek to drive towards more rigorous construct definition consistent with broader scientific discourse.

-- Spanning across boundaries: We aim to bridge across scholarly areas, between research and practice, and within perspectives of management as well as disciplines beyond management.