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The 11th BME Bio-Tech Applications Contest

                                                                                             will take place February 7, 2009


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Tentative information

Eligibility: College students enrolled in six or more units.

Theme: To develop and present a concept using  Biomedical, and/or Biochemical, Electrical, Electronic, or related techniques to assist a persons’ disability or to improve a persons’ ability to manage tasks that usually require assistance.

Requirements and Dates: Abstract of 50 to 500 words submitted for judging before January 29, 2009. All abstracts should be typed, using no smaller than size 10 font, and must not exceed four pages in length including any attached diagrams, schematic, and/or pictures. The concept submitted shall be that of the students, and shall note all references. The student shall present a brief overview of the basic concept, either a totally new idea or a conceptual modification to an existing item or system. Please mail to Dr. Chris Druzgalski, Department of Electrical Eng., CSULB, Long Beach, CA 90840. and  email to before 1/22/09. Prospective participants are strongly encouraged to submit early a letter indicating their anticipated participation. Mail the following information to the above address: Name and address of the participant, tentative area or anticipated title of the entry.

The contest will be held in Long Beach, California (place TBD)  on Saturday, January 29, 2009

Awards: At the previous contests, the college students with the best concepts and presentation received awards in the amounts of up to $1,000 (First Place), $500 (Second) and $200 (Third and Fourth Place). Also, the winners were recognized at the awards banquet being held during National Engineers Week. The previous contests were sponsored by IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, and Circuits and Systems/Electron Devices Los Angeles Council Chapters and the Communications/Signal Processing Joint Chapter in addition to the IEEE LAC South Bay Section (support and sponsorship), the IEEE LAC Central Coast Section, and the IEEE LAC San Fernando Valley Section. Companies or individuals interested in the sponsorship of this event contact Dr. Chris Druzgalski at

The Contest Panel members and/or judges (not more that one per participating institution) are: Dr. Bogdan Kuszta, Caltech;  Dr. Richard Cockrum, CSUP; Dr. Ernesto Suaste, CINVESTAV-IPN; Dr. Fleur Tehrani, CSUF;  Dr. Dennis M. (Mike) Briggs, IEEE; and contest coordinators: Larry Dalton, IEEE/LAC,  Chris Druzgalski, Chair IEEE/LAC/EMB, and Dr. Maryam Moussavi, IEEE/LAC/EMB

For questions about this contest you may contact Larry Dalton, Chris Druzgalski, Maryam Moussavi, or members of the panel (see Contact -

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