Ensemble of theDreamings

Ensemble of the Dreamings is a multimedia new music ensemble created to musically and visually explore the dream world.

The ensemble is engaged in a creative collaboration involving the sharing of lucid dreaming experiences.

The resulting dream collective is expressed in live performances and will ultimately evolve into an interactive musical/visual experience on CD-ROM entitled, Chthon.




3-D Rendered Models
(288K, JPEG)

To explore the Fortress, a 3-D rendered space presented in "Shockwave", click



But first, if you don't already have Shockwave by Macromedia, the plug-in for animated interfaces and interactive multimedia presentations over the web, download Shockwave now.
You will need it in order to navigate the Fortress. You may also need to increase the RAM allocation of your browser.

Design, Graphics, Programming:

  • Martin Herman mherman@csulb.edu
  • David Ortega dortega@education.com
  • Music, Lyrics:

  • Martin Herman
  • William Houston
  • David Ortega
  • Adriana Verdie
  • Visual Artist:

  • David Loeb
  • Writers:

  • Boak Ferris and Photo-Zen Media
  • William Houston
  • Singers:

  • Christen Herman
  • Kim Switzer
  • Special Thanks:

  • Alison Bomar, Sean Roehnelt, Tom Curley, Kevin McCarthy, and Into the Arts: Kevin Cain, Jim Citron - modeling of the heartscope booth based on a design by David Ortega - and Marc Lowenstein.
  • Click here for brief biographical information on members of the ensemble
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    Ensemble of the Dreamings
    E-Mail: mherman@csulb.edu