Ancient History Scholarship Travel Fund
California State University, Long Beach
In 1989, Dr. David Hood, Professor of History at CSULB, developed two ancient history courses aimed at helping students connect history of ancient Greece and Rome with the art, culture, and classical writings from those periods. Some fourteen years later, these courses continue to be well received by scores of students. The two courses­­The Greek World and The Roman World­­combine academic study of history with applied study of geography, architecture, classical literature, and culture all in the back yard of the host countries. Students prepare themselves academically for the trips abroad by reading historical texts and classical literature. During the daily visits to archaeological sites and museums, Professor Hood assists students in understanding the rich traditions of the past with the visible remains of those great civilizations. The courses help students to understand some universal themes that transcend the ages, and to comprehend complex historical precursors that underpin our own cultural heritage. These study abroad courses help students appreciate the emergence and evolution of core cultural traditions (e.g., democracy, legal systems, various technologies) and also to develop positive values toward history, art, culture, and Classical writings.

What is the Ancient History Scholarship Travel Fund?
The Ancient History Scholarship Travel Fund was established at CSULB in 2002 by an anonymous donor. The fund supports a limited number of qualified students each year with a partial offset of travel-related expenses. CSULB students who desire to participate in study abroad courses offered by the history department, but who may hesitate because of financial limitations, are encouraged to apply for a scholarship.

Why is the scholarship fund needed?
To broaden the opportunities for CSULB students to participate in the Ancient World study abroad courses
    ­­ To support scholastic development of deserving students who might not otherwise be able to study abroad
    ­­ To promote inter-cultural exchange and contact between U.S. students and nationals abroad

How are scholarship recipients selected?
Recipients are selected because of their academic excellence, promise for using the experience in their careers, and demonstrated financial need. Students may be nominated by a CSULB faculty member, however, self-nominations are also encouraged. The applicant's coursework is reviewed by faculty in the history department, and financial need is evaluated by the university financial aid office. Individuals showing scholastic promise and financial need are considered for a scholarship. The scholarship may be used only for travel-related expenses, not for academic fees. The scholarship is a partial offset of travel-related expenses. Each recipient is expected to provide a match of the scholarship grant.

A photo essay
Enjoy some of the photos students have taken during the Ancient World study abroad courses

Picture of Acrocorinthus

Picture taken from the Acrocorinthus, overlooking Saronic Gulf

Picture of the Acropolis

Picture of the Arch of Constantine at the entry to the Roman Forum

Picture of Capri

Picture of Students Riding Lift to the top of mountain on Capri

Picture of the Colosseum, taken from inside, showing arena below

Picture of columns from a temple at Corinth

Picture taken at Delhpi, showing theatre overlooking the valley below

Picture taken at Delphi, showing the Tholos Temple at Marmaria

Picture of students at final dinner, taken in Rome, January 2002

Picture of students having dinner, taken in Athens, January 2001

Picture of St. Peter's and two other Duomos in Rome

Picture of the theater at Epidaros

Picture of an Etruscan burial chamber


How you can help
We invite you to help deserving students by donating to this scholarship fund. Please make your tax-deductible donation to the CSULB Ancient History Travel Scholarship Travel Fund.
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Print, and mail the form to the address below

The CSULB Ancient History Travel Scholarship Fund, founded in 2002, is designed to support qualified students in their education in history and culture of the ancient world.
Yes, I want to make a tax-deductible gift to the Ancient History Travel Scholarship Fund
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Please make checks payable to: CSULB Foundation, and mail to:
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Your donation will be accepted by and processed through the California State University, Long Beach Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization which may provide tax-deductible advantages to the donor. The CSULB Foundation exists solely to support and advance the mission of California State University, Long Beach. The CSULB Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, appropriate State of California codes, and applicable policy directives of the CSU Board of Trustees.

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