THE ROMAN WORLD              

 University College

California State University, Long Beach

A Study Tour of Ancient Rome

December 26, 2013-January 15, 2014


Enjoy 20 days in Italy during the winter when tourists are few and the climate is mild.  See the sights of ancient Rome with a professor experienced in traveling in the Mediterranean World.  Feast on delicious Italian dishes at the arranged dinners and on your own--pizza alla napolitana, spaghetti alla carbonara and saltimbocca alla romana--all washed down with great Italian wine, or the beverage of your choice.

Limited to 28 persons, this class fulfills three units of the IC requirement. Enrollment preference will be given to CSULB undergraduates.

[ P R O G R A M  H I G H L I G H T S ]

A fully escorted study tour that will provide an extensive introduction to the world of ancient Rome.
  • Run a race in the ancient Circus Maximus. 
It is escorted by History Professor David Hood who has extensive experience traveling in and teaching about ancient Rome.
  • Sail to the magical Isle of Capri and stroll through the palace of the Emperor Tiberius. 
  • Explore the archaeological sites of the legendary cities of Italy.   
  • Hike the streets of the Roman ghost towns of Ostia, Pompeii and Herculaneum
  • Climb the summit of Mount Vesuvius. 
  • Walk amid the ruins of the Roman Forum, the center of their world-wide Empire. 
  • Drive through the hill towns of central Italy to Renaissance Florence and walk in the footsteps of Michelangelo. 
  • Receive an extensive introduction to modern Italy, with wonderful Italian food, incomparable Italian wine and inimitable Italian music. 
  • Visit the Vatican, home of the Popes and their magnificent art collection. 
  • Above all, learn about the unconquerable Italian spirit and the wonderful Italian people.  

Cost:  $2995.00 plus fuel surcharge + class registration fee. 

Includes: Round-trip airfare from Los Angeles to Rome. Services of the professor/guide and comfortable buses for transfers and touring. All hotels have private facilities in double or triple rooms. (Single Supplement is available.) All breakfasts. A minimum of seven dinners in Italy. All entrances to museums and archaeological sites. Daily lectures on Roman literature, history, art and archaeology. Ample free time for exploring on your own. Price subject to change.


Dr. David Hood, Department of History: (562) 985-4420 

University College and Extension Services: (562) 985-8222

There will be an Informational Meeting Sept. 11th at 7:00 p.m. in Library 305

Itinerary for The Roman World

December 26, 2013-January 15, 2014

Dec. 26-28

Leaving Los Angeles on the evening of Dec. 26, we arrive in Rome on Dec. 27 and transfer to our hotel. Dec. 28th we visit the VILLA GIULIA museum, which has a particularly fine collection of Etruscan antiquities.

Dec. 29-Jan. 1 On the29th we leave for an excursion north of Rome to Etruria and to the Etruscan cities of CERVETERI and TARQUINIA. On December 30th we stroll through the heart of the ancient city, the FORUM with the ruins of the Roman Senate, temple of the Vestal Virgins, and the temple to Julius Caesar; the PALATINE HILL where Nero and other emperors lived; the great arch celebrating CONSTANTINE's triumphs; and the fabulous COLOSSEUM. The daily lectures will familiarize you with ancient Roman institutions and the character of the Romans as they saw themselves. On the 31st we take the subway and the train out to OSTIA ANTICA, the extensive ruins of the port city of ancient Rome where we can wander slowly through the lonely streets, duck into typical houses, visit the theater and the Market Place, baths and apartment houses. On the 1st when everything is closed we will integrate the ancient and modern aspects of Rome, walking down the Via Nazionale for a first glimpse of some of the more mordern sights of the Eternal City, including the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. There will be time to experience la dolce vita romana; you can visit some of Rome’s great churches, window shop, or walk to the Piazza Navona for cappuccino or some of the world-famous gelato at Tre Scalini. Lectures on these days cover the Punic Wars, Roman comedy, and the establishment of the Senate as the seat of power in the Roman Republic.
Jan. 2-3 This morning (after the first mid-term), we begin our excursion to the South. We drive to the beautiful city of SORRENTO on the Amalfi Coast, south of Naples. On the way we'll stop for a hike up MT. VESUVIUS, the volcano which buried Pompeii. The fumes and the smoke let you know that Vesuvius is still active! Dinner tonight in a restaurant in Sorrento. On the morning of the 3rd we take the ferry to the Island of Capri, the flower-decked island where Roman emperor Tiberius maintained his pleasure-villa. Perhaps you will want to take the chair lift up to the summit of of this mountain/island, Monte Solaro, for fabulous views out over the sea. In the evening we return to Sorrento and are driven to our hotel in Pompeii. Group dinner tonight at our hotel in Pompeii. The lecture today begins a series on the great individuals who molded Rome and spread her power over the world.
Jan. 4 Early this morning we walk to ancient POMPEII, the city buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79. Visit the ancient squares, theaters, temples, stores, bars, brothels and villas. See the Villa di Misteri with its mysterious frescoes. See the chariot-wheel ruts in the stone, the garden statuary, the system of running water and heating, and the forms of those who died, buried by tons of ash.
Jan. 5 Today we take the Circumvesuviana train to nearby HERCULANEUM, another buried city revealed by modern archaeology. We return by train to Pompeii for the evening. Lecture topics in this section of the class include the assassination of Julius Caesar, the Civil War and the beginning of long reign of Augustus, while literature includes the blunt love poetry of Catullus and parts of Virgil's Aeneid, the great Roman epic poem.
Jan. 6 This morning we visit the NATIONAL MUSEUM in NAPLES, the main repository for the wonderful finds from Pompeii and Herculaneum, as well as the great amphitheater in Pozzuoli, where we can walk underneath the floor to see where professional gladiators and wild beasts were kept before their bloody fights in the arena. In the afternoon we arrive in Villa Adriana, to the east of Rome, where we spend the night.
Jan. 7-8 This morning we visit HADRIAN'S VILLA and his superb GARDENS before making the lovely drive through rolling country, past castles and hill towns and into FLORENCE, Renaissance City on the Arno. Our comfortable hotel in the city center lets us walk the medieval streets to visit the world's greatest collection of Renaissance Italian art, the UFFIZI GALLERY before dinner in a typical Tuscan restaurant. On the 8th (after the Second Mid-Term) we will visit the BARGELLO MUSEUM, with its collection of sculpture by Michelangelo and Donatello as well as the ACCADEMIA MUSEUM, home to DAVID (the statue).
Jan 9 Today we'll visit the DUOMO and the Church of SANTA CROCE. For the adventurous, we will climb to the PIAZZALE MICHELANGELO and visit the church of SAN MINIATO AL MONTE. Lecture material includes the lyric poems of Horace.
Jan. 10-12 Today we return to Rome. Back at our hotel, we hear about the imperial Roman families of the first century A.D. Group dinner tonight. On the 11th we will visit the CAPITOLINE MUSEUM on the beautiful square of the same name designed by Michelangelo, where we see the superb equestrian statue of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Wolf nursing Romulus and Remus, and many other artifacts of ancient times. On the 12th we will walk through the heart of old Rome, Roma antica, to visit Augustus' ARA PACIS, Hadrian's PANTHEON, and the great squares, the Piazza Navona and the Piazza di Spagna. The Roman poet Martial and the Antonine Emperors form the lecture material.
Jan. 13 Today, all day, we spend in Vatican City. In the VATICAN MUSEUM; we will be sure to visit the sections devoted to Roman antiquities including portrait busts and the famous statue of AUGUSTUS OF THE PRIMA PORTA. There will be ample time to see the SISTINE CHAPEL with Michelangelo's recently restored frescoes and the papal STANZE with the great works of Raphael. Of course you will be able to visit ST. PETER'S BASILICA, and perhaps climb to the dome and the roof. The lecture focuses on the poet Juvenal.
 Jan. 14-15 The final exam is this morning. Otherwise today is a free day, with plenty of time to visit some of the many churches and museums of Rome or just to shop. Tonight we dine at a typical Roman restaurant on specialties of the place and the season for our farewell dinner. On the 15th we transfer to the airport for the flight home. Arrival in Los Angeles is scheduled for the late afternoon of the 15th.

Syllabus and Itinerary

HIST 312I and CWL 312I--The Roman World

Dec. 14 CSULB Introduction
Dec. 26 Leave LAX in p.m.
Dec. 27 Arrive Rome in p.m., transfer to hotel
Dec. 28 Rome Etruscans & Romans, Institutions Villa Giulia Etruscan MuseumForum, Colosseum, Arch of Constantine
Dec. 29 Rome Roman Constitution and Character Drive to Cerveteri and Tarquinia
Dec. 30 Rome 1st Punic War; Plautus Roman Forum, Colusseum, Arch of Constantine
Dec. 31 Rome Plautus: Menaechmi; Hannibal Ostia
Jan. 1 Rome Hannibal; Terence: Brothers; Synthesis Roman Orientation Walk; Famous Churches
Jan. 2 Rome-Sorrento FIRST MID-TERM; Gracchi & Marius Drive to Sorrento via Vesuvius
Jan. 3 Pompeii Sulla and Pompey Capri
Jan. 4 Pompeii Pompey & Caesar; Catullus Pompeii
Jan. 5 Pompeii Caesar; The Civil Wars Herculaneum
Jan. 6 Pompeii-Tivoli Vergil Naples Museum; Pozzuoli
Jan. 7 Tivoli to Florence Vergil; Synthesis Hadrian's Villa; drive to Florence; Uffizi Gallery
Jan. 8 Florence SECOND MID-TERM; Augustus Bargello, Accademia
Jan. 9 Florence Horace; Julio-Claudians Duomo, Santa Croce
Jan. 10 Florence-Rome Drive Florence-Rome Drive Florence-Rome
Jan. 11 Rome Julio-Claudians; Flavians Capitoline Museums, Temple of Portunus & Hercules
Jan. 12 Rome Martial; Antonines Ara Pacis, Pantheon, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona
Jan. 13 Rome Juvenal Vatican Basilica and Museum
Jan. 14 Rome Final Examination Free Day
Jan. 15 Rome-Los Angeles