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Serious about learning Chemistry? This site will fulfill that thirst!

Note: If you are looking at this site, changes are, it is NO longer about grades; it is about knowledge. If you get the knowledge the -A- will follow.
i.e. High grades may get you the job, but ONLY knowledge will allow you to keep it.!

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WOW! The Best Ever: General Help Click here

MIT_Open_Courseware: General Chemistry: 36 Lecture Click here

Time Line of Science, Literature, Music, & Famous Women, Etc.: Click here

"To be a teacher is to be a prophet,

you are not preparing kids for the world you grew up in
nor are you preparing kids for the world today.
You are preparing kids for a world you cannot imagine.

Gordon Brown, MIT dean of engineering The Council-A Film Nijah



The Journal of Chemical Education
About Chemistry Site
American Scientist Online.

Material Science

ASM PodCasts

Teacher Camp Schedule
Students Camps

You really scientifically minded, the watch the, NOVA PBS SERIES
Narrated by: David Pogue

Making Stuff...

"Colder" (Understand absolute zero & other states od matter)

"Stronger" (Steel, Silk & Kevlar)

"Cleaner" (atom by atom

& read : "Metal Fundamentals"

& more....


Nottingham's Videos of every Element on the PTOE
PTOE Videos-Nottingham

Connection I
Video Series
with James Burke
SciHi series
(serious about science?
Watch this series... see how science drives history and how history drives science) . . .
There is also connection II and III.

Tyler dewitt Chemistey Videos on YouTube on just about every topic in General chemistry
Tyler DeWitt has taught high school Biology, Chemistry, English, and Music at independent schools in the United States and South Korea. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Microbiology at MIT, where he helps run the MIT+K12 video outreach project.



World  of chem videos on line
The Series:
The World Of Chemistry is a free Video Site with over 20, 28 minute videos on various topics in chemistry
Choose topic by Grade
and register FREE, creating your own user name and password!

Periodic Table

The BEST PTOE on the WEB! Web Elements PTOE Site

VSEPR Models: Best site to review and see Models!
VSEPR: Molecular Models

Mirror site of PTOE Videos to visit

GREAT PLACE TO VISIT... See lecture on Spiders [click on "spider"]
Use the SEARCH box on TED for other topice of interest to you! TED now on Netflix

TED: Chemistry in Biology

MIT: Kinetics Lecture

MIT: Introductory General Chemistry Lectures equivalent to 111A

Another Great Teacher Site for chemistry resources!

ChemmyBear by PAul GRove


The Elements
(A Great PTOE)
Viewing 3D molecules [Space filled]
Molecular Models

Tom Lehrer's "The Element Song"

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"I touch the future, I teach!", Christa McAuliffe

What it means to learn:
Someone once said that there are four kinds of knowledge:
1) All knowlege,
2) the knowledge you know you know, and
3) that body of knowledge you know you don't know. The fourth catagory of knowledge is my most favorite.
It is that knowledge that you don't know you don't know!
This knowledge is the most rewarding;
to disocver an area of knowledge that you did not even know existed is the ultimate quest of mandkind.
If you can learn to seek this area of knowledge, you will find life fulfilling and ever a journey filled with reward.
The difference between an educated man and a smart man is this thirst to know,
a desire to use life to seek and to search for the pure sake of searching.
So, let the quest begin!

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teacher's Resources

Results of a 2006, "argument": Water is BLUE! . . .it absorbs in the orange visible range
See Scan here:

"The visible and UV, IR and microwave spectra of liquid water"

Also see: