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November 28, 2005




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Signs sabotaged

Defacement • Ripped flyers hung off of the department of women’s studies door, as the department office was vandalized Wednesday.
The department’s Administrative Coordinator Rachel Kimke said she noticed torn flyers posted on the door and derogatory statements written on those flyers when she walked in the office at 8 a.m. Wednesday.
An “I Love Feminism” flyer posted on the office door had, “You should be ashamed of yourself” written below it. A flag poster also posted on the door had, “Liberalism is the path to socialism which is the path to communism. Be a good American and think Republican!” written on it.
The same flag poster on the office door next to the department was not vandalized.
Kimke said there may be students who disagree with the department’s beliefs, but they had no right to rip down the department’s viewpoints.
“It was a very specific attack on the department of women’s studies,” Kimke said.
Other statements like “Support a Democratic Iraq” and “See beyond your ignorance” were written on other flyers posted on the office door.
“It shows there’s a divide on campus about political ideology,” Kimke said.
Cal State Long Beach police were not available for comment at the time of the interview.

Starr T. Balmer, Daily Forty-Niner city editor. Photos by Jamie Rowe / Online Forty-Niner


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