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California State University, Long Beach October 18, 2004

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Letter to the editor

John F. Kerry doesn't think we are stupid, but he does hope we aren't as ignorant as Chenin Simi was in the Oct. 13 issue of the 49er. First of all, the $87 billion which was asked for is a non-issue. If the U.S. was prepared to go into Bush's war, he should have asked for this money before we went into war.

Only when Bush realizes "Hey Jeb, they's be a shoot'n back" (followed by swig from a jug marked XXX) does he think maybe we need helmets or armor. Second, being liberal is a good thing. Liberals are the reason this nation has progressed socially and demographically.

I will go out on a limb and say if conservatives always got their way, a woman by the name of Ms. Chenin Simi may not be at this university, let alone have her views published. Third, I do not know what kind of environment Simi grew up in, but a $200,000 income is quite an income. It doesn't sound like the income of a small business to me. Forth, religion should not be a factor in how we judge these candidates. I do not care what your views are on God, God being oddly similar to Bush's WMDs: if you believe in them strongly enough, they will be there.

And oh, poor Bush, he got bad information and used it. I don't hear the Republicans asking him to step down like they asked Dan Rather of CBS when he got bad information. The information regarding Bush being in the National Guard is quite ironic. He dodges Vietnam by being in the National Guard yet sends National Guard troops to the miss-Q (as in missed al-Qaeda) of a war in Iraq. Where's the loyalty to the guard which guarded him? Finally, in the words of Bill Maher, "What is this longing for a regular guy in the highest office in the world?

Presidents should be exceptional. John Kerry, for all his flaws, is an exceptional person. And President Bush? Well, he's a special person."

— Dominic Gazzuolo
communication studies major



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