Pernet Lab — Marine Invertebrate Biology

Dr. Bruno Pernet                                         


Department of Biological Sciences               

California State University, Long Beach       

1250 Bellflower Blvd

Long Beach, California 90840

I am interested in how invertebrate animals develop, how they function, and how they have evolved. Specific research projects often focus on the evolution of larval form and function in animals whose embryos undergo spiral cleavage (e.g., annelid worms, like the serpulid Protula sp. pictured above, from egg at far left to adult at far right, with some intermediate stages in between). I am also more generally interested in a variety of topics related to the natural history of marine invertebrates. Learn more about the lab by following the links at the top of the page.

Prospective students

I enjoy working with undergraduate and graduate students in research on a diversity of topics in invertebrate biology. Look at my research page and abstracts of papers I and student collaborators have written to get a better sense of my own specific interests, but note that I am happy to help with work on many different topics and taxa. I'm always willing to discuss project ideas you've come up with based on your coursework or field or lab observations, or to suggest projects that I think are interesting. My lab is equipped to answer questions with descriptive and experimental techniques including larval culture, light (including confocal) and electron microscopy, video microscopy, basic DNA analyses, and many sorts of field work; more techniques are accessible through collaboration with other CSULB faculty, or faculty at nearby institutions. If you are interested in doing research in my lab, please contact me at the email address above!

Note -- all images on these pages belong to Bruno Pernet; feel free to use them in talks or classroom lectures as long as you give me credit and let me know what you’re using them for. Please do not reproduce any of these images elsewhere, including on the web, without my written permission.

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office HSCI 124

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Office hours Fall 2016: Mon 8-10 am, Tue 2-3 pm, or by appointment