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Brian Finney and his younger self



Professor Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach


Professor, California State University, Long Beach


Associate Professor, California State University, Long Beach.


Assistant Professor, California State University, Long Beach.


Part-time Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach.

Winter 2001

Adjunct Professor, University of California, Los Angeles.

Fall 1996

Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California.

Spring 1995

Adjunct Professor, University of California, Los Angeles.


Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California.


Adjunct Professor, University of California, Los Angeles.


Visiting Distinguished Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach.


Visiting Professor, University of California, Riverside.

Summer 1986

Visiting Professor, University of California,  Los Angeles.

Summer 1985

Visiting Professor, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

Summer 1976

Visiting Professor, University of California,  Los Angeles.


    • 1985-1987  Chairman, Adult Education, Department of Extra-Mural Studies, University of London.
    • 1984-1987  Senior Lecturer in Literature, Department of Extra-Mural Studies, University of London.
    • 1984-1985  Adjunct Professor, University of Notre Dame, London Center, London.
    • 1981-1984  Lecturer in Literature, Department of Extra-Mural Studies, University of London.
    • 1964-1981  Tutor-organizer in the Arts, Extension Section, University of London.
    • 1962-1964  Production Control Manager, Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd, Harlow, Essex.
    • 1959-1962  Internal Management Consultant, Joseph Lucas Electrical Ltd, Birmingham.
    • 1956-1959  Signals/Education Officer, Royal Air Force, Abingdon, Berks.


    1969-1973    PhD, English, Birkbeck College, University of London, England
                         (Title of doctoral dissertation: "The artistic development of D. H. Lawrence as a writer of short stories.").
    1953-1956    BA (Hon.s), English and Philosophy, University of Reading, England.



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    • 2008-2009  Promotion to Full Professor Award, California State University, Long Beach
    • 2008-2009  Assigned Time Award, California State University, Long Beach
    • 2007-2008  Assigned Time Award, California State University, Long Beach
    • 2006-2007  Assigned Time Award, California State University, Long Beach
    • 2006-2007  Tenure/Initial Promotion Career Enhancement Award, California State University, Long Beach
    • 2005-2006  Assigned Time Award, California State University, Long Beach
    • 2004-2005  Assigned Time Award, California State University, Long Beach
    • 1980           British Academy Research Fund Award.
    • 1979           The James Tait Black Memorial Book Prize for the best biography of 1979.
    • 1976           Arts Council of Great Britain Writer's Award.
    • 1970-1971  Two annual University of London Research Fund traveling scholarships.


    • 2008   “Martin Amis, Time’s Arrow, and the Holocaust.” The President’s Forum on International Human Rights: Modern Genocides and
                   Global Responsibility. California State University, Long Beach.
    • 2007   “Images of Violence in the Work of Martin Amis.” Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery.
                   Colorado State University-Pueblo.
    • 2006   “The Satanic Verses: Literature and Social Change Revisited.” OASIS, Long  Beach/Lakewood.
    • 2006   “The Linguistic Self: Beckett’s Last Exploration of the Subject.” Beckett at 100: New Perspectives. International Colloquium.
                   Florida State University, Tallahassee.
    • 2005   “Angela Carter's Narrative on Narration: Nights at the Circus.” International Narrative Conference. University of Louisville, Kentucky.
    • 2004   “Derrida and the Literary Academy.” Derrida Colloquium, California State University, Long Beach.
    • 2000   “Publish or Perish: Adventures in the Print Trade.” Department of English, California State University, Long Beach.
    • 1996   “Isherwood’s Berlin: From Dream to Nightmare (and Back).” Department of English, California State University, Long Beach.
    • 1991   "Form Interrogating Itself. Postmodern Play in Peter Ackroyd's Fiction and Biography." Department of English,
                   California State University, Long Beach.
    • 1990     "New Approaches to Biography: Challenges from Critical Theory. Roth's Counterlife: Destabilizing The Facts."
                     Department of English, University of  Southern California
    • 1988     “Race, Gender and Class in Life Writing: Critique of the Canon," MLA, New Orleans.
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    • 1971     "Augustan Satire," and "The Rise of the English Novel," Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England.


      Primary fields: Post-1900 British fiction; post-1900 British literature; post-1900 drama (in English); critical and literary theory;
      cultural studies.

      Secondary fields: Introduction to literature, fiction, poetry and drama; English literature from Beowulf to the present; American literature
      since 1865; world drama from the Greeks to the present day; world literature; the humanities since the Renaissance.


    • Westminster across Thames06Occasional consultant reader, Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, Papers on Language and Literature, and Twentieth Century Literature, 2005-8.
    • Consultant Reader, LIT : Literature, Interpretation, Theory,  1990-present.
    • Consultant Reader, Post Identity 1997-present.
    • Consultant, Modern Language Quarterly, 1988-1994.
    • Organizer, platform lectures, National Theatre, London, England, 1978-1987.
    • Member, management committee, Consortium for Drama and Media in Higher Education,
      London, England, 1979-1987.
    • Organizer, public lectures, the Poetry Society, London, England, 1981-1987
    • Organizer, public lectures, the New Fiction Society, London, England. 1980-1981.
    • Organizer, public lectures, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, England, 1986-87.
    • Joint organizer, drama workshops, Royal Shakespeare Company (at the Pit and the Warehouse), London, England, 1978- 1983.
    • Secretary and member, editorial board, The London Review, 1967-1976.