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Pragmatism in Philosophy of Science
              University of San Francisco March 30 – 31, 2012 Over the
              last several years, research on pragmatism by historians
              and philosophers of science has been quietly flowering.
              Some scholars have been studying classic American
              philosophy for the sake of shedding historical light on
              the intellectual context of the late 19th and early 20th
              century. Others have turned to classic American figures in
              hopes of recovering distinctively pragmatist insights
              about the nature of science, insights that shed light on
              ongoing debates over issues like the a priori, realism and
              anti-realism, explanation, the logic of inquiry, and the
              nature of perception. Despite the nascent revival of
              interest, however, organization and constructive dialogue
              among such researchers has so far been relatively minimal.
              This workshop aims to draw together leading scholarly
              voices on pragmatism in hopes of encouraging collaboration
              and discussion over issues of shared interest. WITH F.
              Bordogna Matt Brown Arthur Fine Ron Giere Gary Hatfield
              Don Howard Alexander Klein Elisabeth Lloyd Cheryl Misak
              Trevor Pearce Alan Richardson David Stump
This event is sponsored by the generosity of the Mortimer Fleishhacker Fund for Philosophy at University of San Francisco.

Conference Co-Organizers: David Stump and Alexander Klein

Black Flier
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Friday 3/30/12
3:00 3:45  Ron Giere: "Pragmatism and Contemporary Philosophy of Science"
3:45 4:00  commentary: Arthur Fine
4:00 4:15  discussion

4:15 4:30  coffee and tea

4:30 5:15  Alexander Klein: "Science, Religion, and 'The Will to Believe'"
5:15 5:30  commentary: Cheryl Misak
5:30 5:45  discussion

6:00  Dinner at walkable restaurant; Dutch treat

Saturday 3/31/12
9:00 9:45  Trevor Pearce: "The Dialectical Biologist, circa 1890: Dewey, Mead, and the Oxford Hegelians"
9:45 10:00  commentary: Quayshawn Spencer
10:00 10:15  discussion

10:15 10:30  coffee and tea

10:30 11:15  Gary Hatfield: "American Critical Realism: James and Sellars"
11:15 11:30  commentary: Alexander Klein
11:30 11:45  discussion

11:45 1:30 Lunch Break (there are several walkable choices)

1:30 2:15  Don Howard: "Quine, Dewey, and the Pragmatist Tradition in American Philosophy of Science"
2:15 2:30  commentary: Matt Brown
2:30 2:45  discussion

2:45 3:00  coffee and tea

3:00 3:45  Alan Richardson: "Toward a Pragmatic History of Pragmatism in Philosophy of Science"
3:45 4:00  commentary: Francesca Bordogna
4:00 4:15  discussion

4:15 4:30  closing remarks: David Stump