Group of people of differing backgrounds

It's In Our DNA

The list of our alumni, who overcame obstacles, is long and impressive

NO BARRIERS is more than a catchy slogan or inspirational phrase. No Barriers is a philosophy borne from one of the most diverse campuses in the California State University system. It is the attitude of our students and alumni, those who overcame obstacles on their way to earning a degree. It is a principle and ideology of anyone and everyone who has studied here. No Barriers makes us unique because it's in our DNA.

It's who we are.

Look closely and you'll see students and graduates who possess similar character traits. We are smart, relevant, inclusive, hard-working and always strive for excellence. More than 315,000 alumni share these qualities, and more will add their names to our genetic chain because there are No Barriers in our way.

How do we do this? Through diversity, community engagement, strong faculty, relevant research and a focus on under-represented students. We break down barriers and prepare students to tackle today's global challenges.

Why do we do it? It's in our DNA.

List of CSULB alumnus patterened in DNA sequence

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