A Striving Beach: 3

In my last message I focused on universal foundational strategies we’ve developed at Long Beach State to meet our goal of having the healthiest, most enabling higher education environment in the nation. Of course, the cornerstone universal foundation of thriving at The Beach is a great education.

Next let’s consider targeted services and contexts. We know that people learn and thrive when their histories and personal contexts get attention. Human beings blossom in relationships, and the best relationships are built on mutual understanding. In other words, most of us will succeed with just a little attention to our particular situations. How does that look at The Beach for physical, academic, social and spiritual aspirations?

If you arrive at The Beach with some unique physical or learning challenges, for example, a first stop should be Disabled Student Services, where you can get accommodations for mobility, academic, and social success.

We also have targeted services for veterans and our undocumented students, as well as for those who are low-income or first-generation college students. University Honors is an academically enriched, community-minded program that cultivates inclusive excellence, and Guardian Scholars is an Educational Opportunity Program that assists current or former foster youth in their educational pursuits. Want to join a sorority or fraternity? Greek Life offers numerous chapters focusing on career goals, interests and service. If you’re feeling the need to process experiences through multicultural, political, and/or spiritual lenses, we have a Multicultural Center and dozens of cultural, gender and gender identity, religious, and political organizations.

If you’re concerned with finances, food, and housing, we’ve developed both targeted and specializedservices. For example, our financial aid programs are all tailored to the particular financial needs of a family or individual. We have installment payment plans and financial literacy workshops.

The 49er Shops worked diligently to develop the EBT approved Corner Store. This allows students who qualify for CalFresh to make use of that program on campus. The ASI Beach Pantry is open to all with food insecurity needs.

Free drop-in tutoring is available to any student who needs just a little more help in mastering academic material. Learning communities, living-learning communities, electronic enhancements, on-line options, and small class discussion groups are all attempts to deliver academic material in multiple ways that match each student’s learning preferences.

Our recent move to a tobacco, vapor, and smoke free campus is a universal strategy that resulted in some targeted service options. We have services to assist smokers to quit or reduce their addiction through Student Health Services.

The mental wellbeing of our students is as important as their physical health. Engaging with student clubs, developing friendships, identifying peer advisors and attending the myriad services available at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center or offered through Club Sports and Recreation, Associated Students Inc. and Student Life and Developmentare all strategies to improve mental and physical health. There’s something for everyone!

I’ve shared just a few examples of the targetedservices available at The Beach. Student Affairs offers a comprehensive list of programs and services for students. This level of opportunity lets you find the best fit for your preferences, needs, history, and aspirations.

My next installment will be about specializedtreatment and services. This is the most intensive and expensive level of services we have built for students.

Your feedback about the quality of what makes up our pyramid and about gaps will be vital to our continuous improvement efforts.

Go Beach!