Dear Campus Community,

Our recent national election has created significant anxieties and uncertainties among some members of our community. Even in these early days we can anticipate changes in policies that might disadvantage or threaten the security of some of our students, faculty and staff. We will be prepared.

Violence targeted at undocumented, Muslim, Jewish, underrepresented, and LGBTQ+ students has surfaced on campuses across the country. This is intolerable. We will be watchful and vigorous in ensuring safety for all.

Not only is my commitment unwavering to ensure Long Beach State is a secure and welcoming place for all, but I will do everything possible to keep our university at the forefront in preserving and strengthening policies that empower all our community members to pursue their dreams. Our dedication to Inclusive Excellence means that we will offer the best learning and working environments to every member of the Beach Community. We will be attentive to particular needs of various groups while striving to make the Beach experience one that all know as welcoming and empowering. No exceptions.

The California State University system is a beacon of hope for more than 460,000 students. Long Beach State and the other 22 campuses in the system have put millions of alumni on paths toward prosperity and civic and professional leadership. One election will not weaken our mandate to educate all Californians who are willing to work hard and meet the rigorous requirements of a university education.

My promise is independent of political leanings. We must be a model of tolerance and compassion for the rest of the nation. As our U.S.A. motto E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one) demands, we are ONE BEACH.

Go Beach!