CSULB Marine Biology Professor, Shark Expert Featured in Inaugural Episode of New Animal Planet Series, ‘I, Predator’

Christopher G. Lowe, professor of marine biology and director of the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), was a featured expert in the inaugural episode of the Animal Planet TV series, "I, Predator," which premiered in January.

The series explores interactions between predators and prey and how each copes with challenges of life in the wild.

In "Great White Shark vs. Cape Fur Seal," Lowe describes shark feeding behaviors and the challenges young sharks face in learning how to capture large, nimble prey like the Cape fur seal.

Lowe is an internationally recognized expert on sharks and rays as well as marine fisheries. The Shark Lab was established at Cal State Long Beach in 1969 by the late marine biologist Don Nelson. Lowe was a master’s student of Nelson and took over the lab in 1998.

Spring 2011 Issue

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