Karen Fawson Retires


On Sept. 27, 2013, Department of Economics office manager Karen Fawson announced her retirement and quietly left the campus.

Joe Magaddino, the chair of Economics at that time, hired Fawson as the department office manager. Magaddino commented that, “During my long tenure as chair, I have had many capable and talented staff members but none better than Karen Fawson.

Fawson’s position was akin to a chief operating officer, with the chair responsible for departmental leadership and direction. “When I look back at my career, I couldn’t have done many of the things that I did without the effort and support of Karen Fawson,” Magaddino added.

In addition to her duties as the office manager, Fawson was an effective teacher and mentor to junior staff members. Often throughout her career, she hired, trained and mentored junior staff members, who effectively competed for promotions both within and outside the university.

Wade Martin, current chair of Economics, commented that, “The faculty and staff of the department will greatly miss Karen Fawson and her many contributions to the faculty, staff, students, and the atmosphere in the department. We wish her an enjoyable and healthy retirement.”