Faculty Updates


Kate ChenKate Chen published “Strategic Outsourcing under Economies of Scale” in the Bulletin of Economic Research. Her paper, “Outsourcing and Downstream R&D under Economies of Scale,” has been accepted by the B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics. She presented her working paper, “Strategic Capacity Shortage in Global Sourcing: A New Rationale for Onshore Production,” at the 87th Annual International Conference of the Western Economic Association and also at the 10th International Industrial Organization Conference.

Alejandra Cox EdwardsAlejandra Cox Edwards opened the May 2012 International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators Conference in Cancun, Mexico, with her paper, “Labor Market Trends and Their Interdependence with Pension Systems.” The conference brought together the association and management entities of countries that have pension funds administrators systems and those in the process of implementing them.

In June 2012, she presented, “The Impact of Chile’s Pension System on Work Propensities of Men and Women: Evidence from a Retrospective Data Set” (co-author, Estelle James) at the Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement Conference in Paris, France. This network brings together government ministries, supervising agencies and other civil service institutions, pension funds, pension providers, insurance companies, banks, asset liability management companies with international pension researchers and Dutch universities.

In July 2012, Edwards attended the Aging Workshop at the National Bureau of Economic Research Conference in Boston, Mass. Edwards was on sabbatical leave during fall 2012.

Elaine FreyElaine Frey recently published “Technology Diffusion and Environmental Regulation: The Adoption of Scrubbers by Coal-Fired Power Plants” in The Energy Journal. She is currently collaborating on research examining environmental issues such as deforestation in the Amazon, valuation and restoration of urban wetlands in Long Beach and the protection of recreational fisheries in Southern California. In the past year, she presented her research at the Western Economic Association International Conference, the Southern Economic Association Conference and the National Urban Freight Conference. Frey serves as the graduate coordinator for the Master of Arts in Economics program and continues to organize the CSULB Economics Seminar Series and the Economics Poster Competition, which are open to all alumni and students.

Jack HouJack Hou was named chair of the Academic Publication Council of the Chinese Economists Society and continues to serve as a member of the regents.

Hou remains active in research. He published two papers in the Social Science Journal: “Economic Reform in China: Cause and Effect” (lead article) and “The Aging of the Chinese Population and the Cost of Healthcare.” In the fourth quarter of 2011, the two articles were No. 1 and No. 6, respectively, in the most downloaded list of the journal. As of October 2012, the lead article continues to be the No. 1 downloaded article of the Social Science Journal.

Hou presented research at the Western Social Science Association Fourth Annual Conference (April 11-14, Houston, Texas) and discussed two papers; Chinese Economists Society 2012 China Conference, “Development Beyond the Middle Income Trap” (University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China, June 2011), where he chaired a session and discussed a paper; Western Economic Association International 87th Annual Conference (San Francisco, Calif.), where he organized 28 sessions, chaired four sessions and discussed three papers; and the International Conference on “Global Dynamics and World Development” (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, China, June/July 2012), co-hosted by the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia) and Institute of Economics Russian Academy of Sciences, for which he chaired six sessions, including two summit forums.

In December 2011, Hou gave a talk titled, “The Economic Effect of the Aging Population” at the second President’s Forum at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China. During the summer, he gave a lecture at Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (Taiyuan, China) and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu, China). He also taught a short course at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu, China) and lectured at the Executive MBA Program of Guizhou University (Guiyang, China).

In May, Hou was bestowed the honor of Distinguished Professor at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu, China). In June, he was named Scholar of the Yellow River of Henan University (Kaifeng, China).

Hou continues as a cluster leader for the Partners for Success Program, a mentoring program for double pre-baccalaureate students at CSULB.

Kristen MonacoKristen Monaco will take leave from the Economics Department beginning in spring 2013, having assumed a position with the U.S. Department of Labor in Washington, D.C. Last year, she published two papers: “Your Cheatin’ Heart: Joint Production, Joint Consumption and the Likelihood of Extramarital Sex,” with Taggert J. Brooks, Applied Economics Letters, 2012, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 272-275, DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2012.690845; and “Does Contracting with Owner Operators Lead to Worse Safety Outcomes for U.S. Motor Carriers? Evidence from the Motor Carrier Management Information System,” with Brydey Redmon, Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2012, Volume 45, pp. 654-659, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.aap.2011.09.036.

Additionally, she gave presentations to the Association of Government Accountants (Los Angeles chapter), State of California Controller’s Council of Economic Advisors, American Society of Appraisers (Los Angeles chapter), Institute of Supply Management-Los Angeles and the Chainalytics Freight Market Intelligence Forum. Copies of these presentations are available at: www.csulb.edu/colleges/cla/departments/economics/office-of-economic-research/recent-presentations/.

Monaco has enjoyed working with the faculty and students in the department over the past 11 years. She has especially enjoyed working on the M.A. program in Global Logistics and is excited that Seiji Steimetz will take over as interim director beginning in January. Monaco can be reached at kristen.monaco@outlook.com.

Chen Feng NgChen Feng Ng presented her research at the National Urban Freight Conference in 2011 and the International Industrial Organization Conference in 2012. Her paper, “Tradeoffs among Free-Flow Speed, Capacity, Cost, and Environmental Footprint in Highway Design,” co-authored with Kenneth Small of UC Irvine, was published in the journal Transportation in 2012. She also developed a theoretical model of how households and firms choose locations, forthcoming in Papers in Regional Science, and she wrote a paper analyzing the sale of iTunes gifts cards above face value on eBay, to be published by Economic Inquiry.

Andrew OjedeAndrew Ojede published the following three articles in refereed economic journals: “Tax Policy and State Economic Growth: The Short-Run and Long-Run of It,” with Steven Yamarik, is in Economics Letters, 2012; “Macroeconomic Policy Reforms and Productivity Growth in African Agriculture,” with Amin Mugera and Daigyo Seo, forthcoming in Contemporary Economic Policy; and “Software Entrepreneurs in India’s Information Technology Sector: Innovators, Adaptors and Imitators,” with E. Wayne Nafziger, in the Indian Economic Journal, 2011. In addition, two research papers are currently under review: “Exchange Rate Movements and U.S. Real Exports: A Vector Autoregressive Analysis” and “Productive Efficiency in African Agriculture: Is It Catching Up or Lagging Behind?”, with Amin Mugera.

Ojede has also completed a major research paper: “Disentangling Direct and Spillover Effects of Fiscal Policy on Economic Growth: Evidence from Disaggregate U.S. State-Level Data,” with Steven Yamarik and Bebonchu Atems. He is co-authoring another research paper with Steven Yamarik, titled “Disaggregated Spending and State Economic Growth: A Co-Integrating Analysis.” He presented a working paper, “Multi-Factor Productivity Growth and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in Developing Countries: A Re-Appraisal,” with Amin Mugera, at the 87th Meeting of the Western Economic Association International, held in July 2012 in San Francisco, Calif.. In October 2011, he attended the Missouri Valley Economic Association Conference, where he presented his theoretical working paper, “Real Exchange Rate Dynamics and Sectoral Traded Goods: A Structural Analysis,” which is based on a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium framework.

On the teaching front, Ojede continues to teach macroeconomics at both graduate and undergraduate levels as well as international finance.

Seiji SteimetzSeiji Steimetz was on a leave of absence last academic year to welcome his new son, Kenji, into the world. He now serves as the department’s associate chair and continues to serve as vice chair of the university’s Program Assessment and Review Council. This year, Steimetz will present his research in the department’s Economics Seminar Series and in the METRANS Research Seminar Series at the University of Southern California. In October 2012, his article “Spatial Hedonics and the Willingness to Pay for Residential Amenities,” in collaboration with Kenneth Small at UC Irvine, was published in the Journal of Regional Science.

Heather Sinclair

Heather Stephens published an article in the Journal of Regional Science, entitled “Innovative Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Lagging Regions,” with co-authors Mark Partridge and Alessandra Faggian of The Ohio State University. In November, at the North American Regional Science Annual Meeting in Ottawa, Calif., she presented new research that looks at the choice of households to locate near natural amenities.

Steve YamarikSteve Yamarik spent the past academic year in Switzerland as a visiting professor of economics at the University of Lausanne. While in Switzerland, he began joint work with Luisa Lambertini of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Marius Brulhart of the University of Lausanne, and presented a paper at the Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics Annual Congress in Zurich.

Yamarik also had four papers accepted for publication: “Tax Policy and State Economic Growth: the Long-Run and Short-Run of It,” with Andrew Ojede, in Economics Letters; “State-Level Capital and Investment: Updates and Implications” in Contemporary Economic Policy; “Is Natural Openness or Trade Policy Good for the Environment?”, with Sucharita Ghosh, in Environment and Development Economics; and “Human Capital and State-Level Economic Growth: What Is the Contribution of Schooling?” in The Annals of Regional Science.