Message from the Chair


martinDear Friends of the Economics Department,

As another year passes and as we begin to look forward to the excitement of new opportunities and challenges it is important to recognize what has been accomplished.  This newsletter is designed to highlight the accomplishments of our faculty, alumni, and current students.  The department faculty have been very busy over the last year as they are adjusting to retirements, faculty moving on to new challenges, and welcoming new colleagues to our department.  As they say, the only thing constant is change!  You will also find a profile of Kimberly Ritter-Martinez (BA 2004; MA 2008), one of our many outstanding graduates.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of the chair’s job is to host the awards luncheon for our outstanding graduating students.  At these events there is a sense of renewal for faculty as we learn what these graduates are going to do, learn more about their hopes and dreams, and realize that each year the educational opportunities at CSULB and the economics department help provide a foundation for these young women and men to achieve great things.

Change is also occurring in the department as we will be electing a new chair to serve for at least the coming three years.  This will provide a great opportunity for the department to think about the direction of the department for the coming years, identify new challenges, and take advantage of new opportunities.  For the department to reach its full potential, it is important that we continue to grow and add new faculty to our excellent core.  We are currently hiring one new macroeconomist to join our faculty and hopefully we will continue to add others over the next few years.  The influx of new faculty and colleagues is an important source of renewal as we are able to embrace new perspectives and analytic techniques which helps us all continue to grow as researchers and teachers.  The department has also benefited from our visiting scholar program.  Each year we have been fortunate to host researchers from various universities around the world.  A global perspective is critical to an educational institution and our visiting scholars help to expand our understanding of the study of economics in other parts of the world.

As I have each year, I encourage you to read this newsletter to learn more about the department and all the exciting activities underway.  We are also very interested in hearing from you so that we can learn more about the interesting adventures and various paths that our graduates are pursuing.  Our alumni profiles are an important part of the newsletter.  In many respects, as we learn more about our alumni it helps to define who we are and what is possible with a solid foundation in economics and a desire to succeed.  Your continued support for the Department of Economics is critical to our success and your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Although I am completing my term as chair, I look forward to reading future newsletters to learn more about our alumni. As we as a department move forward under new leadership, it is comforting to know that we will still have the outstanding contributions of Cerise Dragicevich and Nicole Torres in the department office. Be sure to stop by and say hi when you are in the area; we love to hear from you. Please keep in touch, send us your latest contact information and forward this link to others who are friends of the economics department!

All the best,


Wade E. Martin

Professor & Chair