Mariela Castro with her two sons

Mariela Castro

Published April 25, 2017

Mariela Castro stood unnoticed, listening to her sons in another room. The conversation centered on why mom couldn’t spend more time with them. The words brought Castro to tears. “My oldest one says ‘You have to be patient. She’s almost done with school and after that she will have more time for us. Mom is […]

Juliet Formeloza plans on teaching

Juliet Formeloza

Juliet Formeloza didn’t like school, didn’t want to sit in class, didn’t want to study. So it’s ironic that someone who despised reading, writing and arithmetic as a child wants to be a teacher after graduating from Cal State Long Beach’s College of Education with a Liberal Studies degree. Back then, Formeloza wanted to play […]

Pitcher Christina Clermont hopes to be a doctor

Christina Clermont

Christina Clermont shoved her biochemistry homework into her backpack, where her can’t-live-without-it daily planner was stashed, and looked at her softball teammates who had taken the field. The Cal State Long Beach pre-med student and pitcher extraordinaire knew she had a long day ahead, filled with classes, practice, study sessions, community work and meal times. […]


Joaquin Martinez

Published April 24, 2017

School always came easy to Joaquin Martinez. ABC’s? No problem. High school geometry? Nailed it. College-level kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms? Made the grade. There’s no question Martinez is smart. Some might say the Cal State Long Beach engineering major is a prodigy of sorts, having graduated in December at age 18 with a mechanical […]


Cynthia Price

Cynthia Price dreamed of being a classic singer. Then a dancer. Ballet, modern, jazz, tap – you name it, she danced it. Once she got to Cal State Long Beach, all those ambitions and plans disappeared the day she took her first AcroYoga class taught by Professor Erza LeBank at the Student Recreation Center. AcroYoga, […]


Alumni journalists win Peabody Award and Pulitzer Prize — need anchor link

David Lee leaves Rio with a Bronze Medal