Cynthia Price

Theatre Arts
College Of The Arts

Cynthia Price dreamed of being a classic singer. Then a dancer. Ballet, modern, jazz, tap – you name it, she danced it.

Once she got to Cal State Long Beach, all those ambitions and plans disappeared the day she took her first AcroYoga class taught by Professor Erza LeBank at the Student Recreation Center. AcroYoga, partner acrobatics, combines the fluidity of acrobats with the mental discipline of yoga. It’s sort of Cirque du Soleil meets downward-facing dog.

“As soon as I got a taste of it and understood that my ability to move as a dancer and the awareness that I had of my body was a really useful transition into acrobatic arts, I fell in love with it,” Price said.

Price and her partner, Taylor Casas (2016, B.A., theater arts performance), have turned their passion into a paying gig. The two plan on performing full time after Price graduates with a B.A. in Theatre Arts in the College of the Arts. Already they have a three-city tour planned in Winnipeg, Canada; Boulder, Colorado; and San Diego.

“It’s so fulfilling,” she said. “I love it so much.”

Price serves as the base in their routine, holding Casas, the flyer, who moves in a series of dynamic positions. Both performers need balance, core strength and confidence.

“From what I understand, the branding of AcroYoga has been going on for centuries, exploring the edges of human boundaries, which is really cool,” Price said.