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Bickerstaffs Support Pyramid Locker Room Renovations

Debbie and Glen Bickerstaff. Photo by David J. Nelson

Debbie and Glen Bickerstaff. Photo by David J. Nelson

Thanks to a generous contribution from long-time Long Beach State athletics supporters Glen and Debbie Bickerstaff, 49er men’s and women’s volleyball and basketball teams have new locker rooms inside the Mike and Arline Walter Pyramid that were dedicated in October.

Upgraded facilities are essential for successful athletic programs, Director of Athletics Vic Cegles said. “Thanks to the generous commitment of Debbie and Glen Bickerstaff, we will be able to recruit top student-athletes and provide them state of the art facilities to enhance their training, development and learning. Hopefully, this gift will encourage others to support our vision and plan for all 49er athletic facilities.”

The new facilities provide improved coaching space, players’ lounges as well as larger locker rooms.

Additional funds from the couple also helped expand the Bickerstaff Academic Center for Student-Athlete Academic Services, where athletes receive academic and personal advising.

To learn more and see a video of the new space, visit

New women's basketball team lounge.

New women’s basketball team lounge. Photo courtesy of LBSU Athletics

New women's volleyball team locker room.

New women’s volleyball team locker room. Photo courtesy of LBSU Athletics.