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New Research Center Moves on Urban Freight Issues

Freeway at nightCSULB’s prime location in one of the world’s busiest freight transportation regions led the university to partner with USC to form the METRANS Transportation Center that is internationally recognized for its research on a variety of urban freight issues, regulations port/city interactions, transportation economics and more.

METRANS received a $3.7 million grant from the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations to establish a new METROFREIGHT center that will work with university partners in Los Angeles; New York; Paris; and Seoul, South Korea, to research ways to streamline the transpor­tation, handling and storage of goods in city centers while reducing the impact on traffic congestion, air quality and urban livability.

Among METROFREIGHT’s research priorities are addressing congestion and heavy truck traffic in Los Angeles, New York and Paris, where local deliveries by truck typically account for one-sixth of all urban traffic; air quality and emissions; and effects of freight-generated pollution and noise on communities adjacent to transportation routes.