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Fashion Students’ Work Lauded at International Conference

Tiffa Lu's 'Sea Shell Glory' dress is modeled by Sabrina Aryadad.

Tiffa Lu’s ‘Sea Shell Glory’ dress is modeled by Sabrina Aryadad. Photo by Victoria Sanchez

Seven CSULB fashion merchandising and design students saw their garments exhibited in Hawaii in November during the fashion show at the 2012 International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference.

The CSULB students were Breana Chew, Kristina Koga, Tiffa Lu, Basil Malicsi, Andrea Medina, Elizabeth Moreno and Dawn Roda. Conference organizers picked only 37 percent of student design entries for the show, but seven of 10 CSULB submissions were selected.

“This honor gives us international recognition and visibility as a program, which produces some of the most outstanding design students in the world,” said Suzanne Marshall, director of CSULB’s fashion merchandising and design program.