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Campus Philanthropy Now Under New 49er Foundation

49er logoThe CSULB 49er Foundation, the university’s new philanthropic foundation, was launched on July 1. The new non-profit organization was established to improve educational opportunities and experiences at the campus by expanding the university’s base of private support. Through active promotion of philanthropy and mobilization of community support, the foundation will work toward the benefit of students.

The CSULB 49er Foundation is governed by a board of directors composed of community leaders who share a commitment to the university’s mission and future. These individuals will take an active role in reaching out to alumni and community stakeholders.

Responsibility for private gifts and the university endowment shifted to the 49er Foundation when it was launched. The CSULB Research Foundation, formerly known as the CSULB Foundation, has returned to its original mission of generating and administering grants, contracts and non-philanthropic dollars.

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