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Fresh Ink

A selection of recent publications authored by Cal State Long Beach alumni.

Boersma Book CoverCourage Born of Faith

By Edward Boersma ’60
Perfect Paperback
Through narrative, photos and documents, Boersma tells the true story of his Dutch family who survived Nazi oppression during the occupation of the Netherlands in World War II while risking their lives to hide and feed Jews. “Like Job in the Old Testament, [we] gained rich blessings,” he said.

Accused book by Janice CantoreAccused

By Janice Cantore ’85
Tyndale House Publishers
Suspense fiction author Janice Cantore writes from 22 years of experience as a Long Beach police officer. Her latest book introduces a new character, Detective Carly Edwards, who uses her faith in God to help determine the truth in a murder case.

Barbarians Book CoverBarbarians: A Handbook for Aspiring Savages

Illustrated by Joshua Kemble ’05; written by Byron
Clavicle, Grüte Skullbasher and Benjamin Chadwick
Insight Editions
Kemble illustrated this comedic take on how modern men can look and behave like barbarians and even make their own barbarian films. His studio work includes editorial illustrations, comic books, posters and more.

Just Kid Me Old highway bookJust Kid Me Old Highway Old Wildway O Pecos Bill

By William J. Linehan ’66, ’ 71
Sagebrush Press
In this fiction novel, the Kid awakens to find Pecos Bill and Widowmaker on his lawn with a list of scary secrets. Despite refusals, the Kid is pushed back behind the wheel in a frantic road trip with son Cody, Uncle Bart and fuzzy puppet Cubby to visit Aunt Sarah on the reservation.

Executive Leader bookYou’re an Executive But Are You a Leader?

By Sonya Shelton ’88
Executive Leadership Books
Shelton, CEO and founder of Executive Leadership Consulting, shares proven strategies to help transform executives into leaders by moving people to action, igniting passion and inspiring others to do better. Her clients include startups as well as Fortune 100 companies.

Engagement Peril bookEngagement in Peril

By Dara O. Sok ’04
Sok’s third book continues the tale of his character, Shin-Shin Igami, and uncovers the trials and tribulations that Igami endured as the result of betrayal and deceit. Sok fled from Cambodia to the U.S. during the Khmer Rouge regime.

Flyin' Harleys bookFlyin’ Harleys in Purple Haze

By Gerald R. Wheeler ’62
Pure Heart Press
Wheeler’s collection of narrative war poems was inspired by interviews and contacts with wounded combat veterans over a 40-year period, and his own coming of age. After a career in law enforcement, social services and academia, he now is a writer and photographer in Katy, Texas.

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