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Beach Magazine is published for the alumni, friends and families of California State University, Long Beach by Marketing and Communications. Visit www.csulb.edu/beachmag or see the Beach Magazine app.

Anne (Junak) Ambrose ’76, ’90

Art Director
Tino Siwabessy

Anne (Junak) Ambrose ’76, ’90
Sharon Hong
Sylvia Rodemeyer ’08

Janet Romain ’85
Anna Hovhannisyan ’14
Lisa Huppert

Web Designer
Frederick Camba ’08, ’16

Digital Media
Anna Hovhannisyan ’14
Jorge Hurtado ’97
Sylvia Rodemeyer ’08
Michael Sullivan

Joseph Philipson
Michael Sullivan
Luke Lewison ’16
Manfong Ieong ’16

Web Programmers
Frederick Camba ’08, ’16
Ian Goegebuer ’15

Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Andy Hoang

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