Source and Use Public Relations Funds Policy

Solicitation and Accumulation of Public Relations Funds

The CSULB 49er Foundation does not solicit public relations funds and does not annually budget for funds to be available for public relations purposes.

Source of Public Relations Funds

Public relations funds, when expended, may be sourced from 49er Foundation-held Discretionary or Restricted Funds.  These funds may be derived from various sources including corporate auxiliary revenues, donations, or the proceeds from the sale of non-cash gifts made to the 49er Foundation.  Expenditures from Discretionary or Restricted Funds must clearly advance the objectives of the campus and the California State University and be consistent with applicable procurement and accounting practices.  In general, expenditures must be appropriate for campus-authorized educational, social, development, hospitality, community and employee relations, employee business travel and related considerations, student aid, and for other purposes that benefit California State University or the campus. All expenditures from a Restricted Fund must be clearly consistent with the restricted purpose.

Please click here for the complete Source and Use of Public Relations Funds Policy

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