Audit Committee – At least two (2) elected Board members but no Corporation officers may serve on this committee. Finance and Investment Committee members may not constitute a majority of the Audit Committee. This committee reviews the plans, scope, and result of the audit engagement with an independent auditor and reports all corresponding information to the Board.

Executive Committee – Comprised of the Board and Committee Chairs of each standing committee, the CSULB President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and Chief Executive Officer serve on this committee which, sets the agenda for Board meetings and reviews proposed revisions to the Bylaws and annual conflict-of-interest reports.

Finance and Investment Committee – At least two (2) elected Board members, the Treasurer, and Chief Operating Officer may serve on this committee. The Audit Committee Chair shall not serve on the Finance and Investment Committee. This committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding investments, endowment spending policies, budget, and risk management.

Gift Acceptance Committee – The Committee consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and the University’s Assistant Vice President, Estate & Gift Planning.  The Gift Acceptance Committee shall review all proposed gifts that require special acceptance, including all gifts of real estate, closely held securities, life insurance policies that require further payments, and any other gift that could require the University and/or the Foundation to be financially obligated as a condition of the gift.

Nominations Committee – At least one (1) elected director, the Board Chair, and the Chief Executive Officer may serve on this committee. This committee screens and nominates qualified persons for election to the Board of Directors.

Development Committee – The purpose of the Development Committee is to help CSULB achieve its strategic objectives by expanding the university’s base of philanthropic support, primarily through outreach to alumni, community leaders, and prospective donors. Development Committee members are strong advocates of the university who show their support by attending events, by serving on leadership and advisory committees, and by making CSULB one of their philanthropic priorities.

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